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What is GFL?

GFL(Games for Life) is an ever expanding gaming community. Our servers are created, customized and optimized to give every player the gaming experience they deserve. In addition to this, we hand pick all of our admins, and take pride in having the best team to keep your servers clean. We are always recruiting, and welcome new members daily. Feel free to apply for membership if you haven't already!

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Latest News

Garry's Mod servers nulled.

Nov 18 2014 08:59 PM | Roy in Articles

Garry's Mod servers have been nulled.

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GFL Arma 3: Altis Life

Oct 24 2014 09:04 PM | Kyptonik in Articles

GFL's next expansion is finally here!


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[CS:GO] Two new Surf Timer servers (US)

Oct 20 2014 08:03 PM | Roy in Articles

Surf Timer Tier 1-2: gost12.gflclan.com
Surf Timer Tier 1-3: gost13.gflclan.com

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Congratulations to our new Council member!

Oct 11 2014 03:25 PM | Roy in Articles

Who will it be????

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[GMOD] Extreme Football Throwndown

Oct 07 2014 02:42 PM | X2D in Articles

An exciting gamemode has been added to GFL's Garry's Mod lineup. Connect to to try out our latest server.

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[GMOD] New Management

Oct 04 2014 10:28 PM | X2D in Articles

We are pleased to announce that we've added some new Managers for Garry's Mod: Jailbreak, Zombie Survival, Prop Hunt, TTT #1 24/7 Minecraft

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Thanks to nick027nd and Denros for the new bann...

Sep 30 2014 09:19 PM | That One Guy in Articles

You might have noticed that the banner has changed...

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GFL's EU Expansion

Sep 06 2014 11:56 PM | Roy in Articles

New EU servers, please read and help out!

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[CS:GO] New RPG Deathmatch server!

Aug 25 2014 11:20 AM | Roy in Articles

IP: godmrpg.gflclan.com (
Help populate the server!

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