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      GFL is an ever expanding gaming community. Our servers are created, customized and optimized to give every player the gaming experience they deserve. In addition to this, we hand pick all of our admins and take pride in having the best team to keep our servers clean. We are always recruiting, and welcome new members daily. Feel free to apply for membership if you haven't already!

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    2. New TF2 Technical Administrator

      Hello all,   Please join us in welcoming our newest Technical Administrator, @TheXeon, to the staff team! He will be supporting our TF2 division alongside @Hamtaro.    

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    3. The 2023 GFL Surf Tournament + Mini EU Expansion

        Hi everyone,   We're happy to introduce the 2023 GFL Surf Tournament! Just like last year, the tournament will feature 16 of GFL's best players in a series of best-of-3 1v1 battles for their share in the final prize pool. The 16 player roster will consist of 12 invited players, with the remaining 4 slots being players that progress through the qualifier stage.   This time, the qualifier stage will be a separate Group Stage tournament prior to the main events! The Group Stages will cap at a maximum of 16 participants, 4 in each group, with potential participants expressing interest and being selected. Want to have the chance to prove yourself in CS Surf's biggest tournament? Simply check out the requirements and express interest here: https://forms.gle/EBbWxBVP7gdLW5gK6   Important Information: Tournament Website - https://surf.gflclan.com/tournament Group Stages: June 24th and 25th Main Event: July 8th and 9th More information on the event along with the starting prize pool will be revealed and open for community donations in early June. If you would like to sponsor the event as a brand/figure, please contact @Infra!   Invites will start being sent out to the invite-only roster very soon. Check your DMs and watch for a friend request from either @Dini or @Infra!   With that, we are also happy to announce our latest expansion with European Public Servers! We are starting our expansion into the region with just two CS:GO Surf servers to test performance and iron out any issues: EU Beginner: `` EU Novice: ``   As we progress, we hope to expand a bit more into the EU region!

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    4. Update to Council + New Council Member!

      Hi everyone!   In the previous public Council meeting, an idea was introduced to downsize Council by 2 members. After some internal discussion, we've decided to remove the Community Representative positions and instead lighten the restrictions on the Staff Council Member (SCM) seats to include anyone that's a staff member in full capacity. We decided this was something we could pursue since GFL has been in quite a good state in terms of stability for a while now, which means we no longer need as many people overseeing GFL from council.   That said, thanks to everyone that expressed interest in SCM! I'm happy to announce that @Dini and @Scott have been selected to take up the two SCM seats in Council for this term. Please join us in congratulating them! 😄   With that, @Bendy, @Nick, and @Baconator are no longer a part of council.  

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    5. Hopefully the last one for a bit (Maintenance)

      Hello all,   We're going to be moving the last of the services not on our new web machine this Friday from 8:00 AM - 12:00 CT. The game servers themselves will not be going down, but the forums, Pterodactyl, GFLBans, and a few other auxiliary services (such as the FastDL index) will be down during this time.   The machine that these services used to reside on will be repurposed to host test servers and developer VPSes, allowing us to cancel both of the machines we used to use for these things, saving us some money. The test server move will occur on Saturday at noon and will take until around 4 PM. Players shouldn't actually notice this because it will only impact the test servers. The developer VPSes will be moved at a later time that is TBD.

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    6. Surprise Christmas Eve Maintainence!

      Hello all,   The following GFL services will be going offline on December 24 at 23:00 CST for a maintenance as we move more services to our new web machine. Kibana / Elasticsearch logs FastDL Website GFLBans Grafana Server Loading screens Pterodactyl (both public and private servers) Sourcebans GFLClan.com Website   I will also be deploying fixes to Gitlab during this time.   The new machine we've purchased is pretty decent and should be sufficient to run what we once needed two whole machines to run, however, we're committed to the machine for another year or so, so we're going to move the developer VPSes to the old primary web machine. This should hopefully offer a nice performance boost to the developer VPSes, which have suffered from using a spinning HDD for awhile now instead of an NVME drive.  

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    7. 12/9 Maintenance for Web 4 Migration

      Hello,   On December 9 between 21:00 - 00:00, I will be completing the migration of any of the services that remain on our web 4 machine to the new web server that we've purchased to replace it. These services are: GameSQL CSGO Surf API CSGO Stats VPN Daemon Donations API   Any servers or services that depend on the aforementioned services may be unavailable or not function correctly until these services are restored at the end of the maintenance period. Specifically: SourceMod servers - Will be offline during the maintenance period Physion Unturned - Will be offline during the maintenance period Forums - Will be unavailable during maintenance Garry's Mod servers - Donation ranks will be unavailable during the maintenance period Discord Bots - Some discord bots may not function during the maintenance period   Thanks. 

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    8. GFL Newsletter - March/April 2022

      This is the GFL Newsletter for March and April 2022. We have some new members this time, so please welcome them onto the team, and please enjoy the variations in style. Though they will have future contributions here, be sure to congratulate everyone else who got promoted these last two months by checking the promotion list at the bottom of the newsletter!   For each newsletter, we have one "Easter Egg" hidden somewhere. If you find it on here or on a future newsletter, please be sure to message @Dragoon (Dragoon#5140) or @Salad (Salad#6564) to claim a free prize! This section will be updated when someone discovers the secret For this newsletter, @motorsteak was the one to find the Easter Egg and has received a free month of VIP as the prize! - @Big Man Fatty   Purge’s grand reopening has garnered a bit of attention. For those unaware of what purge is, it is a modified version of DarkRP wherein every 45 minutes there is a 12 minute period where all crime is legal. It used to be a popular server back when it used to exist but had to shut down, now that it is reopened people are playing and enjoying it again. Wayne and Salad are co-managing and they are managing it very well! - @AMP Early April, meanwhile, saw the appointment of a new Team Leader, @Business Kirby, for the role of Event Coordinator! They have been serving underneath @Copium Queen for slightly over a month now. Let’s give them one final congratulations!   - @BlazingArson At the beginning of April, we decided to shut down the Rust division for the second time. The second chance was promising, but due to the Division Leader, @Baconator, and both Server Managers resigning, it has once again been shut down. Maybe sometime in the future, it may come back once more; for now, we say a solemn goodbye to Rust and its players. Teams: @Doctor Pig - GMod Discord Moderator @Bendy - Senior Moderator @AlphaOwl - Senior Moderator @Business Kirby - Event Coordination Team Leader, GMod Discord Moderator @Avi - Event Coordinator @Kaylode - GFX Team Member @Big Man Fatty -  Public Relations/Writing @BlazingArson - Public Relations/Writing @Skittlez - Developer @the best name - Event Coordinator GMod: @ZenZar - GMod HNS Trial Admin @lmao_toxicc - GMod HNS Admin @Clufy - GMod HNS Admin @Sophie~ ♡ - GMod TTT Anarchy Admin @SunBeam - GMod TTT Anarchy Admin @Anathema Device - GMod TTT Anarchy Admin @King Cannibal - GMod TTT Anarchy Admin @Gavarelli - GMod TTT Anarchy Trial Admin @tehfrog - GMod TTT Anarchy Trial Admin @BlueSkyS - GMod TTT Rotation Admin @Shelab25 - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @Nick The Droid - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @Jhin_ - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @501st Carter - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @REST DD Teal - Jedi Rakan - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @BlorgKun - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @Abominationn - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @Epic BoB - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @Lee Min - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @DaPainWayne - GMod Purge Manager @flying4ssassin - GMod Purge Admin @the best name - GMod Purge Admin @jarm323 - GMod Purge Admin @Shuruia - GMod Purge Admin, GMod CWRP Senior Admin @Omega Ryuu - GMod Purge Admin @Stud - GMod Purge Admin @Auralanity - GMod Purge Trial Admin @JamalDavidson - GMod Purge Trial Admin @Ghostanity - GMod Purge Trial Admin @212th Jib - GMod Purge Trial Admin, GMod CWRP Admin @Skittlez - GMod Purge Trial Admin @Drayyen - GMod CWRP Admin @ReLard - GMod CWRP Admin @Big Man Fatty - GMod CWRP Admin @Parker7116 - GMod CWRP Gamemaster @Ren CWRP - GMod CWRP Senior Admin TF2: @StereoRaedioVA - TF2 2Fort Senior Admin @Clams - TF2 2Fort Admin @SkullTail - TF2 2Fort Trial Admin @Token SomethingOrOther - TF2 2Fort 2 Admin @Night Star - TF2 Hightower Admin @Winkrill - TF2 Hightower Trial Admin CS:GO: @AsNKrysis - CS:GO Zombie Escape Admin @Xandaa - CS:GO Surf Timer Trial Admin @CrazyChocolateChip - CS:GO Surf Timer Admin Unturned: @Vextrium - Physion Unturned Semi-Vanilla Senior Admin, Semi-RP Manager @Nickbrown - Physion Unturned Semi-Vanilla Admin, Semi-RP Senior Admin  

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