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Welcome to GFLClan's Rotational TTT Server!

How To Play:

  • Innocents and Detectives must work together to defeat the Traitors among them.
  • Detectives are proven and can force test if there is a tester on the map.
  • Detectives and Traitors can buy special equipment by pressing C on their keyboard.


How To Become A GFL Member:

  1. Register on the forums.
  2. Check your email and validate your account.
  3. Apply for membership.
  4. Another easy way is to type "!member" in-game.

GFL Rules:

  • Do not be toxic.
  • Do not try to loophole/abuse the ruleset.
  • No racism
  • No discriminatory / hate-filled language. 
  • Do not disrespect other players or staff.
  • Do not advertise or promote non-GFL servers.
  • Hacks of any kind are not allowed.
  • Children on mics may be restricted.
  • Poor quality/echoing mics may be restricted.
  • English only server.
  • Obey the admins.
  • Do not impersonate admins.
  • Do not send links to Explicit images that include nudity, overt sexual imagery or morbidity in the text chat or in direct messages to other players, this rule also covers sprays and profile pictures.


TTT Rotational Rules:

  • Do not RDM (Random Death Match) - killing or attacking someone at random/for no reason.
  • Do not kill anyone on suspicion or suspicious acts. 
  • Do not prop-kill unless you are a traitor (considered RDM).
  • Do not prop-push unless you are a traitor (KOSable)
  • Do not Karma Bait.
  • Prop surfing is not allowed.
  • Claiming areas is not allowed (no matter your role except traitors).
  • Camping an area for more than thirty seconds is not allowed.
  • Goomba stomping is not allowed unless you are a traitor.
  • Body/prop blocking is not allowed and is KOS'able after  2 (two) warnings with at least 5 seconds in between each warning.
  • Do not kill or push AFKs to their death until overtime.
  • Innocents and detectives may not help traitors in any way.
  • Allow a person to ID a body after they kill them.
  • Pushing with a crowbar is allowed as long as it doesn't present a clear danger.
  • Do not use map exploits.
  • Do not revenge RDM.
  • Do not target admins or players.
  • Do not falsely report players.
  • Do not kill/crowbar people when you are stuck, wait for an admin to teleport you.
  • Use a readable name using English letters.
  • Not killing someone when they commit traitorous act when you should is cheating/ghosting.
  • Don't prop kill pre-round. Doing so may lead to a report and may result in a slay.



  • Detectives are the only ones able to force test and KOS them if they refuse to test. This must be done during OVERTIME. 2 or 3 warnings are required based on proximity to the tester. 
  • Detectives may not stay inside of the Detective room (if applicable) for more than thirty seconds.
  • Detectives may not give detective weapons/equipment to unproven innocents. (Striker, Teleporter, Etc, this can result in a warning/ban)



  • Traitors may not hint or give away their traitor teammates.
  • Traitors must call out map traps (If deadly), Jihad's, and Holy hand grenades, in text chat (don't have to callout C4)
  • Traitors may not harm other traitors in any way.
  • Traitors may not trade or give away any traitor equipment or weapons to non-traitors.
  • Traitors may not stay inside the traitor room (if applicable) for more than thirty seconds.
  • Traitors may not delay the round and must make progress.
  • Traitors may not place suspicion or high suspicion on their fellow traitors.


KOSable (Kill On Sight):

  • Throwing incendiary grenades or discombobulators at or near players.
  • Walking by an unidentified body.
  • Being seen in the traitor room (if its not possible for innocents to access it).
  • Planting C4, or other traitor items.
  • Traitor baiting - shooting at or near another player.
  • Prop pushing, killing, and surfing during the round. 
  • Damaging or destroying a health station (moving the station to an unreachable area also counts as damaging/destroying it).
  • Damaging or destroying a portable tester.(moving the portable tester to an unreachable area also counts as damaging/destroying it).
  • Having a traitor weapon or equipment that has not been declared to have been picked up. (You must claim the Specific Equipment/Weapon in chat, in example: Claiming Teleporter, or AS Val)
  • Dead Giveaway - Using logic to determine who is a traitor (Example: Remaining player who hasn't tested).
  • Hanging bodies.
  • Damaging/Breaking the tester (pre-round and mid-round).
  • Getting rid of bodies with DNA or evidence.
  • Destroying an innocent win condition item, or making it unusable. (Doing this as innocent is karma baiting so don't do it.)
  • Using an item that can hurt all roles/innocents. I.E Using a Poltergeist
  • Having an item that threatens all roles/innocents. A detective can warn two times to drop it and kill the player if they refuse to do so.
  • Carrying Explosives towards other players )Explosive barrels, turtles on Community Pool, etc)



  • Location.
  • Facing a traitor trap going off. You may place suspicion on them only.
  • Saying you are a traitor (Voice chat or chat). You may place suspicion on them only.
  • Cosmetics.
  • KOSing a Detective.
  • Knives are not KOSable, only the diamond sword is.


Bans and Slays:

  • 1 slay for 1 or 2 RDMs in the following round. Must stay on the server until slain. 
  • 6 hours for RDM and leave.
  • 12 hours for 2 RDMs and leave.
  • 1 day for consistent RDM - RDMing for 3 consistent rounds or more.
  • 1 day for karma below 650.
  • 1 week for attempted mass RDM - 2 RDMs with the intent to kill a 3rd.
  • 1 week for mass RDM - 3 or more RDMs in 1 round.
  • 1 week for ghosting - collaborating with someone outside of the game.
  • 1 week for targeting other players or admins.
  • Permanent for 3rd week ban within a year.
  • Permanent for hacking.
  • Permanent Gag/Mute for advertising.
  • Permanent for high amount of bans.



  • !report allows you to report a player for RDM.
  • !respond to respond to a report.
  • !motd to bring up the MOTD or F9.
  • !tags allows you to set your chat tag (for supporters or higher rank).
  • !id <name> to copy someone's steam ID.
  • !profile <name> to open their steam profile.
  • !join to move yourself out of spectator.
  • !member to apply for membership.
  • !specme to move yourself into spectator.
  • @ allows you to talk to admins only.
  • F1 brings up your settings.
  • F2 toggles mutes on live and spectators (while dead only).
  • F3 brings up Pointshop (for members or higher rank).
  • F4 toggles mouse pointer for betting.
  • F8 brings up Damagelogs.



  • ttt_radio yes
  • ttt_radio no
  • ttt_radio help
  • ttt_radio imwith
  • ttt_radio see
  • ttt_radio traitor
  • ttt_radio suspect
  • ttt_radio check
  • ttt_toggle_disguise
  • ttt_spectator_mode 0 or 1

Example bind (Type in console): bind "x" "ttt_radio traitor"


The contents in this MOTD may or may not be complete. If a rule is not present in the MOTD, an admin may determine the rule and action. This MOTD is subject to change at any time.

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