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  • Battle of the Communities (CS:GO Tournament)


    Hello, everyone.

    As you might’ve read before here, EdgeGamers have invited us to their third annual Battle of the Communities. It is a CS:GO tournament which every community attends with a respective team to represent them.

    The tournament will take place on the 5th and 6th of November, it will start at 1 PM EST.

    The rules can be found here. It will be hosted in North America. Please take that into consideration if you aren’t located anywhere close to the United States.

    To organise everything appropriately, we have to reach our roster in until the end of this weekend. We didn’t expect to have an issue with this, but as I’ve already said, not many people have contacted me after our last post pertaining the topic.

    If you are interested in participating for us, quickly message me on the forums. (https://gflclan.com/messenger/compose/?to=4)
    I will need your Steam profile and your MM rank (previous ones are also important; there is no requirement).

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    can someone else sign up so I am not lonely during this event?


    it's going to be a couple hours and if we lose, we lose. We didn't put any money down(at least I hope so), and we might have a small chance. 

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    4 hours ago, KINGMEGUSTAMACOCK said:

    You know what man I'll sign up too I got you brah 


    You missed the tournament :( I wish I had known.  We'll definitely keep you in mind for next time.  You may have noticed in my signature that the eSports team is recruiting a skilled member- I would highly recommend looking into that!  I know our Surf RPG DM kids are super skilled, and I've heard a lot about you!

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