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    Change in Leadership


    Hello, there have been significant changes in GFL’s leadership recently. I would like to briefly address them in this post, along with announcing additions to the directorate.


    Recent Resignations
    Some of you may be upset about the recent resignations but it is what we believe is best for GFL to move forward. I want to start with saying thank you to both @Shuruia and @Dano! You have both, over time, provided a lot to GFL. In recent times however there has been a decreasing amount of activity which has lead to this moment. 


    Moving Forward
    We have two members of the community who will be stepping up to fill the open positions. I want to welcome back both @Snoopy and @denros to the directorate. These two have both put a tremendous amount of time and energy into GFL and will be welcome additions to the directorate team. They have both been helping a lot since they stepped down and I believe it is time to make this official.

    We look forward to these changes in leadership and believe we are taking a step forward in the right direction.



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    So like could you guys unban Twig and Finnick since ya know they were banned because you guys can't handle mean words?

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    Just now, Yuuji said:

    So, are we abandoning the Grimes for Life idea? 

    I may have a platform to work off of. fB9VUna.png.19a379938da569fc810a84cb329f7ebd.png

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