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  • Changes to staff structure


    Many of you have probably noticed the introduction of a couple of ranks, noticeably: Moderation, Event Management, and Public Relations. Essentially, these are the result of the council being split up into separate teams with a former council member as their leader (These former council members have the same level of access as the council did). We hope that this new structure will allow more people to get involved with the administration of the community as a whole and will address issues that we previously had with the council rank itself.


    The following teams were created as a result of the split:




    Public Relations

    • Helps maintain good relations between GFL and its community
    • Advertises GFL in a respectful manner (i.e. not getting on other servers and spamming ‘JOIN GFL!’)
    • Assists managers in making sure that bans are consistent with community policy.
    • Application: https://gflclan.com/forms/13-public-relations-application/
    • Lead by @Unknown


    Event Management


    Currently, none of the new teams have strict requirements with the exception of Moderation (due to its nature).


    PFAQ (Probably Frequently Asked Questions)


    Q: Why was I/[INSERT FORMER MODS NAME HERE] removed from TS3 Admin/ Discord Moderator?

    A: Due to the expansion of the role to include all platforms, trusted did a vote on all current communications staff. If >= 50% voted Yes, the staff member was retained, but if they didn’t get enough yes votes, then they were removed from the position. If you were removed from the position, you are free to re-apply at any time using the link above.


    Q: What happened to Crusty and Flyingjoe?

    A: Crusty is now the manager of the upcoming Arma 3 server and flyingjoe is now overseeing the media team alongside SadBandit (who is still the primary leader).


    That's all for now <3


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    Another way this could've been done without changing everything within Staff Structure:


    "Hey Pyros, you are being put in charge of Events, Unknown you're in charge of PR, and Benroy is in charge of moderation...



    ...and Crusty and Flyingjoe you're demoted :kappa:"



    Jokes aside, couldn't the same impact in GFL be done without removing the entire council role? Seems a little counter-productive and confusing to the community itself how the team leaders work and why they have their power while other team leaders don't (i.e: @TheSadBandit)


    --- no nevermind on this middle edited part ---


    I feel like change is good, but too much change can lead to redundancy and confusions, especially with over-complications.

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    Make more tier 3 admins because it's hard to beat shroom forest 3 at seven levels without it. Today we only got 2 shots at the final level with only 4 losses. I nominate sneaky because most of the time this happens he's there and can't do anything.

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    On 9/2/2018 at 11:52 AM, Violator said:

    I feel like I ranked up and everyone got demoted :lenny:

    Spoke too soon? 

    When are we starting the revolution, Vio? 

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    7 hours ago, SkydivingSquid said:

    Spoke too soon? 

    When are we starting the revolution, Vio? 

    Nice necro.

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