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  • Closing the Rust Division

    annoying furry

    Hello all,


    It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that we have decided to close our Rust division. A few months ago, our servers were doing very well, but after continued performance issues, high turnover, drama, and just a lack of community support for the division, we unfortunately believe that it is for the better that we close the division for the time being . Thank you to all the staff, former and current, and players for making the division successful for as long as it was.

    We may try to bring the division back at some point, but for now we want to focus on improving our infrastructure and existing divisions.


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    I don't know what to say. We fought tooth and nail to try and have this division succeed. I believe we had more fight left and based off of staff reactions I can only assume they knew it too. 

    Heartbroken 💔 

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    Long time in the making... Sad to see. The staff that actually cared tried hard but never go the support they needed. 

    @Baconator @Dominick @Bue. @Angie(even if u were a lil problematic) @Hatehim222(even if we had our issues) 
    You were peak rust staff... Thank you for trying.....

    I know the division never got the attention from proper persons it needed. But you all truly tried in your own ways to improve the division. 


    F to Rust. The division no one cared about 🙏 U will be missed.....

    Can't wait to see which division follows it's course.

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    In the most respectful way possible, I am not surprised in the slightest that this Division closed. After @Bue. left @FrenZy put @Hatehim222 in charge and completely ignored he was destroying the division. Then when Creed decided he was done tearing up everything Bue had done as much as he could, he gave the rubble to @Dominick who tried everything he could to bring it back up. With little support from the higher ups. GFL rust was doomed to fail after Frenzy decided to ignore how horrendous Creed was for the division. Regardless all the higher ups still choose to never pay attention to rust or give a shit about the work put into the division that every single staff member put in. Bue and Skittlez were by far the best thing that had ever happened to the rust division they put so much effort into the division and you never cared, bue especially put every ounce of her time into the division and you ban her for joining another community?? And Dominick for that matter as well?? He did everything he could seeing as he was handed rubble. Maybe if all the Directors had gotten off their internet High horse they would have realized how much help the division needed, instead you all sat around and watched it crumble.


    Fucking pathetic.


    On another note, it is also pathetic to ban members who did nothing wrong other then join a different community, like ffs how insecure can you be. 


    You won't ever have anyone who cared about the division more then Bue and Dominick did, but wait.... you guys never gave a shit GFL will go to shit completely if you keep ignoring the people who put everything into this community. 


    You will probably ban me now for spitting facts.

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