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  • Community Representative Elections for April 2021

    annoying furry



    We are nearing the end of the current set of Community Representatives' terms, which means it is time to begin the next election cycle! Since the last cycle was a bit drawn out, we'd like to have voting concluded and the winners promoted by May 8th.

    As a quick refresher to the unacquainted, a Community Representative is a member of the Council who is not a high-level staff member. Even non-staff members, such as VIPs/Members can be elected. The purpose of the Community Representative role is to guarantee to the community gets a say in GFL Council decisions.
    Community Representatives are elected for a term of 6 months and may serve up to two consecutive terms. The current community representatives are @Liloz01 and @Salad, they will lose their seat in council shortly after the election has concluded.

    In order to become one of the two CRs, you must win a spot in the upcoming election. The election is public and members of the community will get to vote. To be considered, you must fulfill a few requirements:

    • You must be a member or above.

    • You must not have any outstanding punishments. Controversial individuals or individuals with an extensive punishment history may also be excluded from running at the option of the current council.

    • You must get at least two current Council members to sponsor your application.

    • Please do not apply if you do not intend to serve the entirety of the 6 month term.


    The following are not required, but are strongly recommended:

    • Be well known throughout GFL. Having been present for a long time, having a high amount of Forum / Discord activity, and generally being helpful to new users are generally great ways to accomplish this.

    • Be prepared to deal with drama. There is always plenty!

    • Try to have sufficient free time to attend council meetings.


    For purposes of obtaining a sponsorship, the current council consists of the following members:








    If you do not get sponsored, there is always a next time. Please do not beg or bother if the answer is no.


    The current community representatives may not sponsor themselves should they wish to run again.


    Once you have obtained your sponsor, you can submit an application using this Google Form. You will receive an email from Google containing your responses indicating that we have received your application. Council will then review applications. If Council approves your application, you will be allowed to participate in the election and you will be contacted by a member of the council containing directions for the second stage of the application process. Applications should be submitted by April 14th and the election will begin shortly thereafter.


    Thanks :furretlove:


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      Directors and Division Representatives 🤣





      On a more serious note: Good luck!  I sincerely did not think CR would make it this far, and so great job so far.  On a less serious note: I think we're about to watch the fall of the Romaine Empire; I also need to work on my dad jokes.


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      It is April 14, which means we have closed the form. Thank you to everybody who applied. After the April 17 Council meeting, the Council will go through the applications and disqualify anybody who either doesn't meet the requirements, individuals with a significant punishment history, and generally controversial individuals. Those of you who are approved to move on to the next stage will be contacted with instructions on setting up your campaign posts and those of you who were not approved to move on to the next stage will be informed of the reason why. After applications are approved on the 17th of April and campaign instructions are sent out, applicants will have a week to write up their campaign posts. After all of the posts have been submitted, we will begin the vote, which we expect to last for two weeks.


      If you'd like a better idea of what I mean by "campaign post," you can see the posts from last cycle's election here: https://gflclan.com/crcampaigns/


      If there are additional questions about the process, feel free to message me!

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