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  • CS:GO Expansion -- Intermediate Surf Timer Server!


    I am pleased to announce our brand new addition to our CS:GO Division. Due to the hard work of staff and players alike, GFL Surf is in the early stages of a massive overhaul - namely, the near tripling of the current map pool. Our hope is to expand and have more diversity, and we did not feel that our former system did that very well, given that we did have two servers with easy maps and one that mostly only very experienced surfers can go on.


    This new server serves as a good middle ground for those players that are just starting to finish the harder maps on #2 and are looking to improve further before taking the leap to the Expert server. This also supports the hundreds of maps we are bringing in. 


    The server has well over 200 maps in the mapcycle, which is more than all of the servers did combined prior to this. 


    I want to give massive thanks to our admin team, map testers, and in particular those that helped with zoning all of these maps these past couple of weeks. @Dini, @AshAkiri, @yuptodat, @Ancliz have been doing God's work. 


    Server IP:  gosurf3.gflclan.com:27015 (


    Thanks! We hope you guys will enjoy. 


    For more information about what we're working on, check out the latest update @AshAkiri put up at https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/54166-gfl-csgo-surf-massive-march-update/

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    Get surfing those new maps bois and let us know if they have any issues!

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    I haven't seen intermediate surf timer server for a long time now. It felt like it's been two years since the last time it got removed.

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