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  • CS:GO Expansion -- Jailbreak!


    I'm happy to announce that the shared Jailbreak server with Hellsgamers has now officially been released. It's been in a beta testing phase while we have worked out specifics in the last couple of months, but this is something that has been in the works since January when I first proposed the idea during the 1v1 Arena event we had with them. While unconventional for two communities to have a shared server, rest assured that this has not been rushed in any shape or form and that it has required a lot of input and effort from the upper leadership in both communities.


    It's been a pleasure working with the HG staff team, and we sincerely hope that you guys will give it a chance. The server has seen incredible success during the beta phase, and is already the tenth (!) ranked CS:GO Server in its current standing. 


    If you have any questions, you can direct them to me personally or just join our Jailbreak Discord and ask there. https://discord.gg/HvEzshY 


    We also have a website created for this server. https://gfl-hg.co/


    Jailbreak subforum: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/850-jailbreak/


    IP to the game server:

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    I've had a good experience visiting their community.  I'm interested to see how this idea pans out; I'm not horribly concerned.

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    Fond memories of JailBreak on GMod back in 2013-2015, and am enjoying my time on the server right now. Good times.

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