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  • CS:GO Expansion -- TTT!


    I am happy to announce that we have officially released our CS:GO TTT server. @Dominic and @Zayne have been hard at work setting this server up and running with the support of the rest of the CS:GO Leadership. Zayne unfortunately had to leave us because of personal reasons, but we recognize the work he did and appreciate it nonetheless. 


    We also want to thank all of the people who tested this server with us prior to the release! 


    With this we have also made a Discord for our TTT players. If you'd like to join, please do so! https://discord.gg/aPKDdn7


    The rules to the server can be found here:  


    And of course, feel free to connect to the server. Here's the IP:

    We look forward to seeing feedback, and you can give that in the subforum as well as in the Discord server should you wish to do so.


    Also, with this server's release we will be doing a VIP giveaway. How do you enter, you ask? Within a weeks time of the server being up we will be giving a maximum of 3 people VIP for a month GFL wide that have over 12 hours of playtime. Should more than 3 people surpass that number, it will be down to a raffle as to which 3 win. If you surpass the 12 hour mark, do the !playtime command in-game and send it to either myself or Dominic on Discord and you'll have a chance to get VIP. 

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    Good idea.  Good idea with the VIP and 12 hours.  This sounds like a very cool opportunity.  You're loaded with ideas I know a lot of them wont work, but that's okay; I value that you have and share them, and if you're persistent enough maybe one will be able to pan out one golden one worth a fortune.  You can do it!  Good luck, Dominic.   Thanks for your already large efforts and contribution (Zayne included).

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