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  • GMod Expansion -- DarkRP


    Hello everyone!

    For the people that have been with GFL's GMOD community for a while, you know we've been developing a GFL DarkRP server. After countless months of work, the day has come to finally release the server!


    **The server is live, copy this link into your browser steam://connect/ or do "connect" into console**


    In case you're new to our community, GFL began working on this DarkRP server in November of 2019. Development has been a huge challenge for us. We've tested and tried a ridiculous amount of content, and we hope that we're bringing you something that was worth the wait. We are still in the very early stages of the server, so please bear with us moving forward, and let us know of any bugs and issues you encounter!


    Make sure to go to this page on the GFL forums to get a gist of server rules

    Go here if you are curious to the variety of useful commands that you all have access to!*

    This page will take you to the main DarkRP Server Forum Page. https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/41-darkrp/


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    4 hours ago, Xy's secretary said:

    How long till it gets shut down for being dead 

    I give it 2 weeks

    It's managed to hit 25 players this morning my time, so I don't believe it's going to be dead at all, even if it has some issues, those are being fixed and sent out when they come, I'm having fun on there for sure!

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