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  • Gmod Murder is back!


    After a long break, we've decided to reopen our Gmod Murder server! The server will be on GFL's Anycast network and will have most of the addons and scripts that the server had before we closed the server down. A lot of things will be implemented, new and old, over time as the server progresses and after we find a manager to take care of the server. The forums page for Murder is officially back open, with old topics archived and a fresh start to the section. However, not everything has been play-tested to the fullest extent until proven working, so please notify us if you find any bugs on the server so we can fix them as soon as possible. 


    Haven't heard of murder before? Allow us to explain. Murder is a gamemode in which a player is randomly selected to be a serial killer. All of the other players must use clues to their advantage to find out who the killer is, and unanimously call him out to the sheriff. What's the sheriff's job? Well, his job is easy! Shoot the killer before the killer stabs him and his fellow bystanders! The killer must use stealth, false clues and misinformation to help him take down all of the bystanders. Due to the nature of this gamemode, and the fact that it's highly customizable to anyone who knows what he is doing, this gamemode is known to have hilarious moments, form bonds with peers in the community and ties with new players, and an overall fun and relaxed environment for all, staff, players, and manager alike! So, if you want to have fun or pass some time, then visit our Gmod Murder server!


    Ready to join? The servers IP is

    Alternatively, you can type "GFL" in the murder gamemode's search bar and the server will show up!


    We're also going to be looking for someone dedicated to the gamemode or garrysmod coding to manage the server efficiently. Feel like you would fit in? Message me (Zero#2784) or Fafy (Fafy#9164) over discord and we'll see if you're a possible applicant!


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