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    Good morning, afternoon, and evening, GFL! Today, I’m pleased to announce our new affiliation with Humble Bundle!    

    Humble Bundle is an online shopping service for video games, similar to that of Steam. However, it differs from other digital storefronts in that it often allows users to buy bundles containing several games for a great price (thus the name Humble Bundle). Humble Bundle has been around since 2010 and has provided gamers with a variety of options to choose from. Humble Bundle often provides low pricing for games, and the money is split between charitable causes and the game developers. GFL and Humble Bundle have now become affiliate partners, and we expect to benefit greatly from this. With such a large and generous community, we could greatly increase sales for Humble Bundle, while also providing our community with a great outlet to some of the best games out there in addition to generating funding for the GFL servers. Check out the Humble Bundle site, www.humblebundle.com, and get yourself a bundle of games for great prices!


    To start the community off with some great deals, here are the current listings we have, including this month’s Humble Monthly and another additional bundle:
    February Humble Monthly Link: https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=gflclan&charity=159423

    Please note that prices on bundles are adjustable and the funds are able to be allocated to the developers, charities, or GFL as a whole. Because of our affiliation, whenever a GFL member purchases Humble Monthly for the first time ever using our affiliate link, GFL will receive $10 back. We’ve also received the benefit of a standard 15% cashback on any bundle, which can be changed by allocating the funds differently as mentioned earlier. Lastly, we'll also make 5% off of any games you buy in the store within 24 hours of clicking our links if it says "Thank you for supporting GFL" at the top and at checkout (Humble partner). It may seem a little confusing, but you can’t say no to all these great deals!


    Also, there is currently a Humble Bundle winter sale going on now. If you were unsure of buying a game before, you might be able to find it discounted now while also giving back to the GFL community! A lot of great deals can still be taken during this time period while giving back to the community. The winter sale will end at January 24th, 10AM PST / 1PM EST. The partnership with Humble Bundle was created in order for both partners to benefit greatly. By partnering with Humble Bundle, we’ve not only allow our large community to flock to their site with a demand for games to buy, but we’ve also provided the community with a great opportunity to score some great deals while also helping the community meet its monthly server expenses. Hopefully, you’ll all enjoy these generous sales!


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    I gotta give credit to who ever managed to pull this one in, great job this might be the first great thing that has come in terms of the partnerships done well. I don't know who it was that secured this one but who ever it was great job also just skimmed through things.

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