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  • New CS:S Division Leader + Updated TS3 Rules


    Hello, fetchers. We are henceforth promoting @MrManslayerX as the second CS:S division leader.


    It may seem odd that we would even need a second division leader for CS:S, given the circumstances that the division is under. However, this is not a matter of what we strictly need, but rather a matter of fulfilling untapped potential. @Thomasdavid097 is sufficient to simply maintain the division, but the addition of a second division leader means that expansion within the division will be a much smoother process.


    It would also be prudent of me to note that our TS3 server has a new rule page. @SkittlezExZ wrote a rule page that @Dano and I edited in order to create a detailed guide to the rules (and the related punishments) that exist within our TS3 server. It also briefly details the purpose of several ranks within GFL, as well as providing some helpful links.


    The TS3 rules have always been available in the description of the lobby. pfrit54.png

    Edited by Shuruia


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