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  • Second Update On The Moderation Team + Meet the Mods


    Hello everyone! We’ve made a lot of progress on the Moderation Team reform since the last update post!




    We made a few changes in response to feedback we have received.


    First, we have changed the harassment rule to be more concise and comprehensible. You can find the revised rule, along with the rest of the rules and associated punishments, on this thread. We’re continuing to work on updating our forum rules page and Discord embeds and we hope to have those completed soon.


    We also now have a process established to handle rule changes. Rule changes must now be discussed internally by moderators. The Moderation Team Leader and the Director of Teams will have the final say on such changes, however, they will generally implement the change should the majority of the team agree to do so. If you have feedback on the rules, let us know!


    Finally, there was a lot of controversy regarding the automatic deletion of slurs, specifically the word “retard.” We have since removed this word from the list pending further discussion. The words that are currently automatically removed can be found here. As moderators encounter new situations, additional slurs can be added to the list provided the moderation team as a whole believes that it is extreme enough for inclusion on the list. We will do our best to let people know when changes are made to the filters, but an authoritative change-log can always be found on the previously linked document.  



    We have recently tackled applications resulting in the majority of them being either accepted or denied. We believe that we have enough forum moderators at this time, after we close the remaining applications, we will not be accepting any new applications for the time being. Should we decide that more moderators are needed, we will create another thread and re-open applications.


    Discord moderator applications are always open and should be dealt with within two weeks of submission.



    We are still looking for a Moderation Team Leader and whichever candidate is chosen, will be announced later this month.


    While we did not announce our picks for Senior Moderator in the previous update post, we are happy to announce that Salad and Bue will be our first Senior Moderators. We intend to select a few more people for this position, however, they will be picked at a later date. As Senior Moderators, Salad and Bue will be tasked with ensuring that moderators are behaving appropriately and following our Moderation Etiquette. They’re experienced with moderation and will assist the Moderation Team Leader in training and maintaining the team. Senior Moderators will be available to consult on situations that other moderators are unsure of. They are also Global Moderators on both the forums + Discords. 




    We have added a bunch of new moderators over the past few weeks.  With the newly revamped team put together, I’ve asked them to introduce themselves. Not everyone is included in this introduction as some were absent. 


    Meet our Moderation team members:




    Hey, it’s Joshy!  I think a lot of you have seen me around especially in the directory thread.  I joined GFL at the end of 2014 while I was just beginning my traveling adventures in Washington, DC.  The first game that caught my attention was CS:S Zombie Escape, and I’ve got some bad news: I was one of the edge warriors with a shotgun…  not the right way to play ZE!  Should obviously have an AWP ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).  Soon after joining I use a lot of programming from school and work as an electrical engineer, and so I joined the Developer team.  That was a short stint because I made the mistake of signing up for too many engineering classes and the full 3-4 hours of sleep would be a good night.  Some unfortunate shenanigans brought me to the CS:S Surf DM server, which became my new home and I grew into leadership roles from there; later becoming more tangled in all of the servers of the time such as CS:GO and GMOD including TTT MC 24/7.  To make it short: Things happened and I went back to my regular old VIP status until recently.  I’m a foreigner no matter where I go because I travel a lot (prior to the pandemic), but GFL has been one of the few things I can take with me no matter where I go.  I’m thrilled you guys were able to accept me into the team and work with you all; I hope I wont let you down.  Leadership and drama is nothing new to me.  I worked in retail and various management roles for over 5 years right after high school.  I hope I’m great with kids because my fiancé and I have one on the way… we’re very excited.  Thanks!



    A lot of you already know me since I’m the server manager for Gmod Prop Hunt. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I joined GFL back in early 2014 and have stuck with Prop Hunt since. I’m 20 years old and currently attending a community college and majoring in Criminal Justice. I plan on going into forensics and becoming a coroner. I have a bit more time now since Murder was axed and I was laid off recently. I decided to take the position of forum mod because I already have experience with it due to being a server manager. I look forward to helping you all. 




    Hello, I’m Bue! 

    I’m popularly distinguished as being a Division Representative, Team Leader, Server Manager, and a Senior Moderator here on GFL. I’m here as a staff member, to make sure that we are more than just a group of members that care about the well-being of the server, but rather than a group of compassionate individuals that are willing to be a friend to anyone and everyone. I’m more than willing to put in as much time into this network with an intention to help it grow and flourish, both community and development wise. I want to provide the above average assistance and expertise in all areas possible to improve GFL as a whole. 

    As for all my occupations in GFL, I’m more associated with the Rust Division itself. I work alongside The DL, my girlfriend(a SM), and other SMs to help expand and better Rust's society at the best of its ability.

    If you have any questions about me, or any of my positions on GFL, feel free to contact me VIA Forum message or Discord DM. ❤️ -Bue.#6053




    Hey everyone,


    You probably don't know me too well, but I've been pretty active around the forums for the last 5 months or so. I've browsed the forums pretty consistently for the last couple of years, but never posted much. This was because I was a part of another large CS:GO gaming community where I held various ranks, including Director. Altogether, I probably have around 3 years of experience under my belt when it comes to moderating a forum similar to the GFL forums. When I did first get active around here, I had taken a Server Manager position. The server didn't end up flourishing, but since I was still interested in helping the community in any way possible, I applied for Forum Moderator. Of the available positions at GFL, I'm actually probably best suited for this one. I hope I can get to know a lot of you a little better and I'm looking forward to putting my best foot forward in this position.





    Hey guys!


    I’m Serenity, you may have seen me around before. I am a pretty new member but have been involved in a lot of things around the community. I just wanted to introduce myself to those who may not know me. I am 18 and from the US. I stopped playing Garry’s Mod around two years ago but wanted to get back into it for nostalgic purposes. I stumbled across GFL and instantly fell in love with it. In my short time being here I have met so many new friends who I hope to know for a very long time. Since I’m always browsing the Forums and talking in Discord I decided to apply for both mod positions. Currently, the positions I hold in GFL are Forum Moderator, Main Discord and GMod Discord Moderator, Server Admin for GFL’s TTT 24/7 MC server, Event Coordinator, Writer, and Social Media. I have so much free time because I am a senior in High School and we are currently in a pandemic, so not much to do. I have so many things I want to do in this community and I hope to stay here for a long while. Anyways, if we haven’t talked yet I hope to soon, whether it be at an event, the Forums, Discord, in-game or elsewhere. I promise that I am really friendly and I don’t bite so don’t be afraid to contact me. (Serenity#6471)







    My name is Aurora (both online and in real life) and I will be helping out with moderation in the GMOD Discord server. I am 18 years old and found GFL nearly 5 years ago through our TTT1 Minecraft server. You probably have at least seen my name before as I have been fairly involved with GFL over the past few years and have held several positions including admin on various Garry's Mod servers, Breach Server Manager, Community Advisor, Technical Administrator, and Director (prior to the council reform). Currently, I am the Director of Tech, a member of GFL's council, a Technical Administrator (focusing mainly on the backend), and the Server Manager of TTT4 Anarchy. Some of you may have known me as Xy as I used that name prior to making the decision to begin transitioning to female, though I do ask that you call me Aurora. My hobbies include programming, Linux, gaming, and politics, though I don't do much gaming these days. I love to talk and mess around, so feel free to add me (Aurora#8486), though keep in mind I can also be rather busy at times. I look forward to continuing to serve GFL and its members to the best of my ability.


    Much Love ❤️



    Salad :)

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Salad, and I’m a Senior Discord Moderator as well as a Forum Moderator. I joined GFL in 2015, and I became admin on our Garry’s Mod Purge server. Since then, I took a rather long “break”(insert omegalul here) from GFL, and came back in April. I currently lead the GFX Team, and Co-lead the Social Media Team with Infra. I am also a Community Representative within the Council. Feel free to send me a message via forums or Discord (Salad#6564 on Discord)




    WHATS GRAVY IN THE NAVY LITTER BABIES, Hello Idots I am JGuary55, I have been here since 2016, I am a discord mod and a Senior admin for the SOONTM Ark server, cheers you fucking idots! :) .




    Hiya! I am Queen, I haven’t been here for long but I am also a Surf Admin for Cs:Go surf servers! I am also a part of the GFX team! I am friendly and I love to be friends with anyone! 😄 ❤️ ❤️


    flamie Alexis


    Hi I’m Alexis, yes that’s my real name, I’m 22. I’m mod for both the main GFL discord and the TF2 discord. I’m also part of the Writing team and a server manager for the TF2 Hightower 1 server. Honestly, I don't know what else to write.




    Blessings be! My name is Shuruia, or Shurururururu in the likely event your tongue gets twisted. I'm a 23-year-old writer from the UK. I have been in GFL since just after its inception in early 2011, making me the longest-standing active member in the community. My past positions include TF2 Division Leader, Old Council, Community Advisor, Moderation Team Leader, and Director. At the present time of writing, I'm a moderator on our main & CWRP Discords, as well as on the forums. I'm also a server admin on our CWRP game server, so you'll see me a lot if you happen to play on there. As far as being a "public face" for a community goes, I think it pays to be compassionate and caring—anyone can have their judgement in the moment affected by a bad day that's out of their control. I try to keep this in mind in my dealings with others. If you ever want to talk to me for whatever reason, don't be afraid to add me on Discord. (Shuruia#0730)




    I'm Arson and I'm a moderator for the GMod discord. I mainly stay in the TTT-Anarchy channels, because I’m an admin on the TTT-Anarchy server, but I do check the other channels frequently. I joined in 2018, though I wasn't very active till late 2019. People who played TTT MC anywhere from mid 2019 to July 2020 might recognize joe98999, my old account. My new account is BlazingArson, obviously. Reach me on discord if you need at Blazing Arson#6660.

    Anyway I suck at writing intros so go read someone else's.
    I’m extra




    Hey! I’m Infra, and I’m reasonably involved around these parts - primarily, I manage the CS:GO KZ sub-division along with being GFL’s Social Media TL! I have been here for a bit less than a year, and I enjoy spending some of my time helping out and supporting several different parts of our large and diverse community. Apart from that, I spend most of my time working on university stuff and side projects involving programming and electronics. I’m not going to take too much of your time here, feel free to hit me with whatever you need at Infra#0001 on Discord! Now shut the fuck up!




    Howdy, I am one of the newer discord mods, I am also part of the TTT MC Staff, and doing my best to prevent MC Off Topic from imploding, k thx bye.



    I moderate the CWRP discord and lurk in the others. I have 10 fake gmail addresses for this exact purpose :^)




    Hello! I’m jarm, a 21 year old taco loving Mexican. I’ve been in GFL since 2014, when I first fell in love with our old Purge server. Since then, I’ve been part of the GFL Staff team as an Admin, Admin+, and other stuff. Currently I’m the Server Manager for our GMod DarkRP and a GMod Discord admin. If you ever need someone to talk to, mess around with on our servers,or play other games, feel free to hit me up @ jarm323#1048. 






    I am Duck, also known as Duck, from TTT Rotation. I am the current Server Manager there and a Gmod Discord Mod. You may know me for my dissenting opinions and stuff like that. I’ve been here for over a year now, and have no intention of leaving. Sorry to those who aren’t a fan of me. Fun facts about me, I used to work at Disneyworld and I can crack my knuckles more than 100 times a minute. We’re currently having a Xmas event over on Rotation, with new models, pointshop items, custom maps and christmas music. Come check it out if you’d like. I am contactable through Discord at Duck 🦆#6455 (Yes, including the Emoji), I may not respond as I suck at responding.





    Hi, I’m Harakoni.
    I can lift a fully-grown horse above my head, and I can hold my breath for ten minutes. To settle a wager, I once ate a pound of P.B. Fouke’s strongest Badger poison and then ran a mile in the nude. I cannot feel pain, and I can see for two miles unaided by pairs of lenses. No man can kill me, I have beaten a man of every race in formal combat, including a Turk, a Pygmy Tribesman, and a rare Deepwater Jew. A medical doctor and two priests have signed a document confirming that I have no soul.


    Anonymous Jackalope smells. Who’s that? Whoever is adding the side stuff. 




    Greetings and salutations,


    Name’s Scott, not Scott Cawthon, not Travis Scott, not Scott the Whoz, just Scott. Sorry to disappoint though. I’m now a TF2 discord moderator. Other than that, I’m the current TF2 Hightower 2 Manager and current CS:GO Surf Timer Admin. I started in GFL a little over a year ago in CS:GO surf as a server admin. I eventually became one of the server managers for surf, but I felt that I could be more useful somewhere else, thus I'm at TF2 currently working on rebalancing the server’s shop (which is a massive pain). Other roles I previously had that not many know about/remember are CS:GO AWP 24/7 admin and @Infra’s senior admin when the CS:GO KZ server was in development. I never did any actual admin work in KZ, mostly just checked for map problems (which we had to do every map twice because of server problems), and helped out with whatever he needed help with. Outside of GFL, I’m a Junior in University studying for my BSBA with a concentration in Cyber Security and Information Systems. While I'm not busy with GFL or University, I’m busy hiking local trails.


    If you absolutely must contact me, please do so through Discord: Scott#7654


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    Passage of time and fresh perspectives from the new people on the team might help you.  You can make an appeal through the proper channels.


    Snarky comments in announcements will not help you; it hurts you and reinforces your ban.

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