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  • Shifting our Focus, new director, purge, and more


    A change in our direction


    A few of you might have noticed that the Council role was removed. This is the result of some internal changes that occurred earlier today. It has become clear to us that we have become increasingly focused on our teams and the council rather than the servers. We have decided this combined with the drama caused by it does not serve our mission of providing a high quality gaming experience to our players, so we have decided that it would be best if we cut down and simplified. We believe that in order to best accomplish this, we needed to remove council. We also have a few other changes to the structure of teams that will be dropping after appropriate internal discussion has taking place. The specifics are TBD and TBA, though we hope to simplify the structure significantly. The last thing we have changed internally so far is trusted. We have removed some members of trusted who we felt were not very active or otherwise didn't really fit with the team. Trusted will now be chosen by directors from members who are interested in helping GFL move forward. We're looking for people that we can trust, give constructive feedback, and active within the community. There will not be any applications for this role however.


    I would however like to take a moment and thank the following individuals for their time and dedication:







    Kite9867 will be staying as co-leader of moderation along with Benroy. I am uncertain of the plans of the other three.




    Speaking of @Ben Roy, I'd like everybody to welcome him to Director. He has remained dedicated to GFL for a long time now and has done some excellent work with discord. We hope he continues his good work as director!




    In addition to the other changes we have acted on, we would like to work on improving transparency. I would like to advocate that all staff begin using trello again so that we can communicate the current projects that are being worked on to the public.


    Currently we only really have a trello for the directors, which has not been updated for quite some time, but I am going to push for this to change soon.


    Directors: https://trello.com/b/890AW0QM/team-directors


    Do take into consideration that some things will naturally be kept private regardless.


    Concerning Team Members


    This bit really only concerns team members, but in interest of transparency, I'm going to write this here rather than make another post. We have decided to remove Team Members from the staff discord. So you have not been kicked in error. Communication will be done through the public discord and the PR discord.

    You can join the public discord by clicking this link: https://discord.gg/qqpM47e


    If you are a team member and need a link to the PR discord, message me for an invite. As of now, nobody has been demoted from teams nor has any team been dissolved.




    If you have questions, comments, or concerns. please comment on this thread. I will be doing my best to address concerns and questions as they arise. However, we would like to avoid arguments or fights, so please do not do that.







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    1 minute ago, Nick said:

    This doesn't change the fact that the changes came out of nowhere. We had been discussing internally, and at no point did the Directors indicate something was going to happen about "hierarchy issues". No matter how welcome changes are, I still expect the to be documented. You can have very good intentions with your idea, but not realize liabilities until other people gets their eyes on the ideas.  There is more to this story, but it is honestly a tiring tale.

    Personally, I think this is a good change, BUT only if they actually do what they say they're gonna do. Until then we wont know 

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    But will Fortnite be removed from the banner tho???



    Anyways, good to see things move in the right direction again. I just hope that everyone is okay with this abrupt change.

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    I'm just going to say that I think some people are against the teams (event, PR, MA, and media) being merged, but for the most part everyone in the teams themselves are happy with the changes since it allows for more communication which is necessary for the teams to function. 


    And while the kick was very abrupt. I think that that's fine. In the end, it should help keep the team focused on their projects since A LOT of time was lost going in circles about changes affecting GFL when that's not our main focus. 


    Also, I need to rename either PR Team or Public Relations lol.


    I think most of the team agrees with my statements. 


    Also, if anyone is wondering. The PR Team is not going to be touched by any of these changes except for maybe a name change. 

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    "We have decided to remove Team Members (except Block, we like him)  from the staff discord."


    I believe there was a mistake :kappa:

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    I think this is a really bad idea although I'm thrilled to see Benroy's movement here.  This is not damage control; it's hard-code.

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    Well, shit Im late to this post 


    anyway I think we could potentially benefit from this change imo.

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    On 1/18/2019 at 9:26 PM, Ralsei said:

    It has become clear to us that we have become increasingly focused on our teams and the council rather than the servers.


    I'm happy that everyone realized that. I think you guys made the best decision possible for the servers. 

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    I cannot even keep track of how many times we have removed the equivalent Council position, and it has failed every time with the equivalent Directors burning out only a few months down the road.  What conditions have changed that suggest that it might work this time?  I am very doubtful, and the approach was distasteful and haste.  Burned out Directors do not do a good job focusing on the servers; you are staging yourself for another failure.


    We keep picking people for these staff positions who - as I described more modestly in the promotion announcement - can whisper into your ears for a week or two and write an if statement in python.  You've got to stop picking these people, and you've got to bridge the gap between your low tiered teams and the Director position.  What's going to happen is the same as always: You will not be able to find good candidates to fill in these shoes and you will be super dependent on your wonderful Director team...  You already have a hard enough time getting Division Leaders, and they are likely your "next" Directors should that even stay around.  BAD NEWS: These are real people.  They have lives.  They have things to do, and they will get tired of working with little kids who cannot handle bad news from time to time, and they will step down.  They wont want to make difficult decisions, and that's what you guys always go with (the easy, quick, and bad decision).  You will fail and chase your tails every time wondering why you are disappointed again. 


    Consolidation is a good idea and I definitely support it, but you're cutting in the wrong places again.


    Take a look at this, which I got from this thread.  I certainly had a good laugh when I saw Council Reboot back in 2016, and I've seen many other flavours of Council 2.0s and Community Advisors.  You don't need to be rocket scientists to make a good guess on our "changed direction."  Have minutes of fun browsing through that web-archive if you're curious to see what's next...  it has all happened before, it has happened so many times.


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