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    The end for the TF2 Division


    Team Fortress 2 has been a very sore and tough topic to talk about. Two years ago, we were flourishing and all of our servers had great population. The majority of our servers were full and we had a very strong team to keep our servers running. Looking to what we have today, our team was still strong but Valve has pretty much destroyed community servers with their updates that focus primarily around getting people to move to their own Valve servers. We struggled, but we barely made it through. Then Valve released the "Meet Your Match" update. This completely killed of what little population we had left on our servers. At this point, we have no population and we haven't had any population for quite some time. 


    With that being said, we are removing the TF2 division from GFL as it holds no benefit to us anymore. We have no population, no income from these servers and our staff team seem to have lost all interest in the division, so it's only fitting that we go ahead with this. If anyone has any questions about this then please ask away.

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    tf2 was the first game i ever had, along unturned. i would play it nonstop. then for my 8th birthday i got steam and a 25$ steam card, and got gmod and quit tf2. i came back last year around december to see if it was still as fun and cool as before. it isnt. the meet your match update was a piece of shit (u gotta wait around half an hour in a queue), they had the heavy vs pyro (we all knew he would win)  and like others say they have shit support with community servers. i still have it installed tho. :rip: tf2





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    Sorry about the necropost, I just saw this today. I had fun being admin, that was the whole reason I joined GFL. I can't buy csgo or gmod because I lack money, but I hope TF2 will somehow sometime rise up again and we can get more servers.

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