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  • The New Media Team & A Brief Word on CS:GO


    The New Media Team

    @Roy has always envisioned GFL growing to be as large as it can be. In accordance with this, we have been searching for ways to expand GFL through various mediums.


    After mulling over a base idea that was originally proposed by @Joshy, we have decided to reform the Creative Team into the Media Team. This team bears many similarities with the old Media Team in that it is split between two subsets. One of these is the already existing GFX Team, which will largely remain the same in its structure. The second subset is the Marketing Team, which will be responsible for the act of "marketing" (hence the name) GFL through outside channels. This differs from the previous Media Team in that they—the members—are not solely bound by the social media platforms that GFL has already established. The new focus is to be proactive, rather than reactive. Despite only being established in their own right for a short duration, the event coordinators will also be absorbed into this new subset.


    As the teams currently stand, they are led by @Bae (GFX) and @Duc2000 (Marketing). You may contact them with your interests and concerns. @Darkling will also remain as the primary Council correspondent for this team.


    CS:GO & Division Leaders

    We realise that some of you have expressed concern for the lack of division leaders for our CS:GO division. This is doubtlessly a valid concern, although you can rest assured that two potential new division leaders are coming through the pipeline. These two are already being put through their paces by showcasing and discussing their plans with the directors.


    In the past, we often carried the tendency to hastily promote people to fill the void left in some of our higher positions. This is something we have recently been trying to stray from in pursuit of a more "quality over quantity" atmosphere, which means that such lapses in present leadership may become more commonplace as a consequence. The intended end benefit is to have trained division leaders with more motivation for the role, rather than individuals who are mediocre and merely have the position for the sake of eliminating vacancies.


    Thank you for your understanding in the matter.


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