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  • The Return of CSS ZE!


    I'd like to add a little clarity to the rumours spreading about CS:S ZE/RU community returning.

    I'll refer to GFLclan.ru as RU and GFLclan.com as GFL to make this easier.


    Juky (whom some of you may remember) had got into contact with @Roy as he had some concerns with keeping the server hosted on their end. They then discussed the possible return to us, and before that decision was finalised, there were some terms from both ends.


    • Juky, Shinigami and Botox will, at this moment in time, remain banned
    • The server will be moved to our OVH server and the plugins will be recompiled to ensure the servers safety
    • Current permanent VIPs within RU will transfer over to GFL
    • The server will be having 2 server managers (@Dogan and @Backy) from within the RU community—Soft Serve and Vanya’s official ranks are still under discussion
    • The current server rules and admin team of CS:S ZE will remain as they currently are
    • As is currently the norm, global admins (Council/DL/TA) will also respect the rules within that server and will ensure that if they are to join the server that they familiarise themselves with said rules


    There are also a couple of points I will mention. For instance, due to the current issues within RU, the donations from RU will not be transferring over to GFL; this is in relation to the issue above about hosting the server. There are also discussions happening to unban Juky (he would not be given a rank), as thanks for bringing both communities together and to enable him to continue playing on CS:S ZE. Feel free to comment your opinion as well.


    These are the majority of terms which were discussed and are relatively simple. We would like to ensure that CS:S ZE isn't altered as much as possible, as we don't want to alienate the current players.

    Overall, we believe this is a good step for both communities in burying the hatchet and moving on. I would also like to thank the RU members who have been involved within these discussions, especially Juky, who initially brought this to us and helped find common ground between the communities.


    This means that we will start seeing people from RU getting involved within GFL over the next few weeks, I'd love if we could make them feel welcome and get to know each other as one big community bound by a common interest!


    If you'd like to read over RU's post on this topic it is here: https://forum.gflclan.ru/d/935-a-tale-of-two-turfs-community-merge-backstory They do cover some points which I haven't within this post.


    I am also going to link the CS:S ZE Discord for anyone who is interested in getting to know some of the RU members before this move is fully completed: https://discordapp.com/invite/JyAxA7K


    Finally, I’d also like to personally welcome everyone from RU and I hope to get to know as many of you as possible in the near future!

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    1 minute ago, Joshy said:

    I have very mixed feelings about this.  I hope it turns out well.

    Mixed feelings on both sides, no doubt. Hard to blame people to be dubious of this.


    In any case, it's surreal to think that there's a conclusion to an almost forgotten two-year rift. It feels as though it's been longer than that. I hope the transition is as smooth as possible.


    And who knows? Maybe my Juju will be unbanned after all.

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    4 minutes ago, Odyssey said:

    Can we say nigger? Asking for fellow .ru players.


    Also, hello all .com players.

    The rules on the CS:S ZE server will be remaining the same.

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    16 minutes ago, k2nod said:

    Finally bringing back the baby. I hope autism hour comes back too. 

    autism hour for css is currently planned for the  26th of august

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    6 minutes ago, phantom153 said:

    autism hour for css is currently planned for the  26th of august

    Make sure to invite me, I'll be there.

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    Im extremely excited as I use to play on CSS ZE all the time before the split. When it comes to unbanning people I have mixed feelings. RU clearly had different motives at the time but that was 2 years ago. I think is reasonable solution is unban juky for now and can only be member, same goes for the rest if they ever do get unbanned. Restrictions will be placed where they can not be anything higher then VIP, and in the long run if possible discussion about making one of them an admin, extreme supervision should be placed on them.


    ADDITION: If they ever do become an admin, any possible friction between them and another user should result in a temporary demotion so no one pulls a @Wilford_brimleyy

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    I am literally happy that this finally happened. I have been dreaming about this since forever. I joined this place while searching for a ZE server back in 2013-2014 and I was really glad I found this place out and met a lot of people back in the day. I had little to no tolerance for autism and racism but the autistic cancerous environment made me realize its all fun in games unless some commits suicide. 


    Anyway, I was a bit disappointed .com and RU had a split and many kewl kids left CS:S ZE and I really do hope we might get all of the back so CSS:ZE will be once again 64/64 most of the time. 

    A little rant: We all do mistakes in our lives. We chose paths which we regret later but hey, that's what being human means. Forgive and forget. I am nobody at this place but I would surely like to see senpai, Botox and Juky back in the servers later if not sooner and I am sure the upper ones in the management will sort everything out. 

    Wishing good luck to both sides. 


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    was play .com CSS ZE server before split and fell in love when the first time joined, new friends and some autistic that make the server enjoyable, hopefully the return of us goes well with peace completely.

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