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    Update on Board of Directors


    Tonight's the night.


    As of writing this post, the only members of the Board of Directors are @Roy, @Cypher and I. The emptiness that is currently being experienced within the BoD is attributed towards the recent resignations of @Santahiggle (Floopy) and @Kim. This post will not detail these resignations and is rather intended to announce the successors.


    @denros is the first of these two. He previously rejected an official designation within the BoD, although he came to change his mind on the matter. This should not come as a surprise to people given that he has already been acting in a capacity that one would expect of a GFL director. Such duties include coding for IPS plugins and modules, site maintenance, handling supporter/VIP requests and participating in discussions.


    Already esteemed and respected in his position as a CS:GO division leader, the second individual in the spotlight is @Dano. Although he is younger than the norm, Dano already expends time and effort into areas outside the onus that his current position affords him, such as aiding with server/division/TS3 management and resolving disputes. I am also partial to admit that he is of a similar level of linguistic ability to myself, which is a boon in the discipline of writing such posts as this.


    Brief Q&A:

    Q: Isn't Dano our sole CS:GO division leader? Isn't removing him from that station detrimental?

    A: This is true on paper, although there are certain circumstances that will allow us to surmount such issues in practice. @Ariistuujj and @denros are already on board with the upkeep of CS:GO in the technical sector of its management. The rest of the charge that comes with being a CS:GO division leader (which alone isn't enough to overburden him) will remain with Dano for the time being.


    Q: Won't the BoD be dominated by Europeans in a primarily American community?

    A: There have been worse offenders of this in the past where we still managed. We have also taken steps since then to improve communication within the hierarchy of GFL. For instance, the issues that arise from time zone differences matter little in the Discord server that server managers+ are entitled to use for the purposes of communication, cooperation and requests.

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    It is very sad to see @Kim leave his position. I'm sure there is a valid reason behind it, and it is for GFL's and His best. Congratulations to the new BoD members and I hope everything goes well. 




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    Congrats to @denros again and @Dano! I kind of expected it was going to be you Dano. You're the only person I know that works very hard for both csgo and as a whole. 

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