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  • Website Moved & IPS 4 Upgraded


    Hello everybody, I am pleased to announce that we have successfully moved the website to the new machine and upgraded IPS to version 4.2 which includes new features.


    Recently, we have been suffering from an attack against our old web server. After spending a large amount of time trying to tune our old web server's configuration, we have decided to just move to the new web machine. Although the new machine wasn't entirely ready, we made last second preparations just so we can bring the website back online.


    Since our machine wasn't entirely ready and we haven't done extensive testing, bugs are expected. A majority of these bugs will likely be related to the current theme since the IPS 4.2 upgrade affected that the most. Though, other bugs which are more complex is a possibility.


    I have gone ahead and created a new Bug Tracker database here. If you see any bugs, please report them there!


    We apologize for the downtime and we hope you enjoy the website being brought back online! We will be making website adjustments including theme improvements and more in the near future!


    Thank you!


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    It's a nice transition.  I really like the options on those reactions.


    Things like this is what attracted me to GFL in the first place.  I really mean it, and you've heard me say the same thing a little over a year ago:



    I really like our willingness to try new things and to change.  We were becoming too stubborn at one point and resistant to change, but I think we're falling back on track again.  I have heard from others, that I'm kind of snobby and expect perfect...  this is not true!  I completely deny this and feel misunderstood in regards to my expectations.  I get snobby when I feel like we're not trying; when being scared stops us right in our tracks...  It doesn't have to be perfect; I just want you to do the best that you can, and this forum update is a good sign to me.


    Thanks for making it happen.

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