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  • A new server in Garry's Mod.


    Good morning, afternoon or evening.


    Recently the Division Leaders, Directors and myself have talked about the lack of population surrounding Purge.

    Purge came back near the end of January and beginning of February. The server had a decent population for about two to three months before it started to die.

    I won't go into why it died because this isn't the post for it. But even with attention and effort put into Purge the population never really started to take off again.

    With this we have decided to close down Purge.


    But a new server will be taking it's place, PrisonRP. It has the same base or system as both Purge and DarkRP except there is an actual end goal or purpose.

    Currently there are only two US servers both in development, then the other servers are located in Europe.

    With this I believe it has a lot of potential compared to some other game modes such as DarkRP. Right now @Nick is helping out with the map, thank you by the way.

    At this moment not a lot of things have been developed for PrisonRP but there will be an update somewhere stating when the release date will be.

    My main goal is to have a well founded economy along with trying to build onto the community.


    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would love to hear your feedback! -Dalaw



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    We need help from the community seriously. Any suggestions, addon ideas, and ect should be shared because it could be added! Please from the bottom of all of our hearts, provide feedback! ❤️

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    So, the map needs to be the average map that PixelServers uses. That's the main map that all good prison RP servers use. That map was also used by Digital Delta Gaming until their owner Rexxor shut down the server for some odd reason. They were at the top for super long. 


    M9K weapons would be great for this server and new prison rp players would see that this server's guns are the same as the other servers. 


    Add Meth, Bitcoin, and weed. Meth should give around 70-80k per transport crate. Just redo the economy and give more money for grinding, unlike purge which gave only 15k per transport crate.  


    Also, is the server staff from purge staying? You guys should go on the Pixelservers prison RP to see how the game actually works and see the "community". 


    GFL could easily dominate in Prison RP because Pixelservers is located in the UK and their staff is a bit eh. The other community is from France so they don't get any US population. Many US players and even EU players would join our server if the server is done right. 


    I will stick around to see this server and play on it with my IRL friends. We all play prison rp and now GFL has one which is great. 

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    I think PrisonRP will definitely have potential to become another great server on GFL’s long list of them.


    I suggest that, along with M9K (Murderthon 9000) weapons should be the “CSS Weapons on the M9K Base” addon. They are practical, cool looking & sounding weapons that I’d love to see included here.

    If you’re going for a more realist approach to the weapons in this game mode, then I would suggest CW 2.0 weapons. With realistic graphics and movements, I’d say these would definitely add a more real touch to the experience.


    As for the map, I’d suggest that you either use, as @TheJitFace has said, one of the main maps.


    For some paid addons, I’d suggest Bitminers, the Arivia F4 Menu, Vliss Scoreboard, and HUDHive.


    I hope this server ends up being a success as role play servers are on of my favorite type of servers. To whomever is reading this, have a great rest of your day!



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    As sad as I am to see it go after being gone for several years, I'm looking forward to using the new server. I hope that some day that the fanbase can climb it's way back to become playable, but until then I thank everyone working on the new server, and can't wait to see the changes.

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