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  • CS: GO BHop Redone



    Merry Christmas

    I'm happy to announce that the BHop server has been rebuilt from the ground up with a new timer.


    The servers are going to go online at 4:00 am (CST for NA, CET for EU) on the first day of Christmas.




    The previous timer had way too many bugs and a lot of issues which is why I decided on switching the timer to 'shavit’s simple bhop timer'.


    Core features of the new timer are:

    • Good Hud with a lot of statistics
    • support for map tiers
    • very good rank calculation based on map tiers (even tho there's no chat tags yet)
    • trigger-based zones
    • central replay bot
    • checkpoint menu
    • and it's Open Source (GPL 3.0) and very actively being worked on

    and much more.

    also, it doesn't crash the server every 2 hours and makes zones load for over 10 minutes



    A full list of all maps can be found here.

    My plan is to add 25 maps every week. This will last over 6 months until there are no more maps left on gamebanana. However, there are other sources for maps so there's probably gonna be more.

    Maps are also sorted by tiers which represent their difficulty. Tier 1 maps are very easy while tier 6 maps are very hard.


    Other Plugins and Features

    • pushfix, slopefix, movement_unlocker etc. for the best bhop experience
    • showtriggers - see triggers while the timer is stopped or practicing.
    • ssj - advanced jump stats
    • Discord integration - this is still being worked on but atm. you can see new records on the discord server. (you can see also see ac detections)


    Discord Server

    This server exists for some time now. Join here.

    It's probably the best place to talk to me about suggestions or similar stuff other than the forums.



    Due to a lack of activity in the admin team (I don’t blame you), I will rebuild the team from the ground up which means that all the BHop staff will lose their ranks. However, they can apply again and if they are active, they will have a big chance of getting accepted again.

    However, this means that I'm currently looking for admins. If you're active and want to help out the server, feel free to apply in this subforum.


    A look at the future

    I'm currently working on:

    • replay synchronization
    • cross server and discord chat relay

    Planned stuff:

    • better discord Integration for the timer
    • forum integration for the timer
    • chat tags for rankings (hurry up shavit)

    and way more.


     Thanks to

    • shavit for the timer.
    • @Roy for helping me with all the backend stuff I can't do myself.
    • @Reeve for some advice with the server.
    • @Bae for some advice on the art you can see above.


    Have fun.


    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    Thank lord, when I went on the old CSGO BHOP server, no offense, it was awful. Instead of using that BHOP server, I would just go on GMOD Deathrun to BHOP instead. As @Bonk said, I am very happy and pleased that someone is investing their time into a dead and broken server. I have not played it for a while, but when I did, it was not let my velocity over a certain amount when exiting spawn. I do not recommend this because people may have more time added on to their score. Just let me know if the jumping and the velocity lock was fixed, thanks! Also if you need maps, contact me. 

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