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  • GMod TTT UK Minecraft server released


    Hi, this is just a server announcement stating that TTT UK is released now. The IP is:



    • Spec DM
    • CS:GO Knives in Pointshop
    • Several Player models
    • 6 maps
      • ttt_mc_67thway_b5
      • ttt_mc_dolls
      • ttt_mc_frozen_cargo
      • ttt_mminecraftcity_v4
      • ttt_minecraft_rooftops_b_v85
      • ttt_minecraft_redux
    • Cool T weapons
    • Extended weapons for innos to use


    Credits for folks who helped developing the server and giving feedbacks


    Not to mention... we're having a competitive giveaway for launch. Number 1 on leaderboards for 2 weeks get permanent server-side VIP. 


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    27 minutes ago, UnknownTimes said:

    very nice, cool admins and how many people will get it or just 1 person 

    1 person only. #1 on the leaderboard after 2 weeks.


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