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Saturday at 8 PM EST (times could vary) there will be an Among Us event! If you want to join the game, whether you're on mobile or desktop, please join the Discord here! If the first lobby is full, and if there are 4+ others waiting for a spot, a second lobby will be hosted by another Event Coordinator that will be opened to the public to fill in players. A mic isn't required, but you must be in the voice chat so you can hear us.




Must be muted in the voice chat mid-round. 

During the event, make your Among Us nickname the same as your Discord username in the Discord server. 

Ghosting information to your buddy will get you banned from participating in any further Among Us events. 

There will be a second voice chat for the second lobby, so stay in your lobby! • English-only speakers, you will be booted if you speak another language. 

Do not change game modes, only vanilla Among Us! 'Hide & Seek' is not an Among Us game mode.




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