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Karaoke Event!

Event details


:infra: Welcome to the GFL Karaoke Event!! :infra:

This event will take place on January 26th at 8:00pm EST!


Come on by and show us what you're made of!!


:furretlove:-----Happy 10th year annivesary GFL players!!-----:furretlove:

The event team is very very excited to announce that on the 26th there will be a Karaoke Event!!

This will be a part of GFL's 10th year annivesary event week! Come by on our Offical GFL server! 

For this event, players will be selecting their own song to sing and singing in-front of others and having a great time!!

Don't worry if you are shy, just let it out!!! 

Please read the rules and join us on the 26th at 8:00pm EST for the Karaoke Event! 


:roy:RULES :roy:

Do NOT Disrespect the singers!

MUST be a Member+ to attend!

You can apply for member if you are not Member+

NO songs with ANY Racial/Homophobic slurs are allowed!

Do NOT talk while others are singing!

Singers will go down the list!

PLEASE have a song ready for queue! 

Have FUN and remember to sing your booties ooooffff!!!!!

:deletethis: Please message me on Discord beforehand to give me a song you're planning on singing on the event day:deletethis:

❤️  QueenKill1o1#1220 ❤️ 

Please note: this does not mean you can't submit a song on Karaoke night! you can do whatever, I just wanna make a playlist <: ❤️ 


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