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GFL Trivia Night

Event details


One of the last events that will take place for GFL's 10th Anniversary Event Week will be GFL Trivia Night. The event will take place in the Main Discord and will be hosted on Kahoot.it!


The reward for coming in first, second, or third place will be a Forum badge that will be awarded to your account. 



  1. No inappropriate names allowed. Doing so will have you banned for the remainder of the event.
  2. Must be a Member+ to attend. 
  3. Event Coordinators have the final say.
  4. Do not be disrespectful to fellow attendees. 
  5. Have fun!


I hope to see a lot of you there at 8:00 PM EST! ♥


Join the Discord: https://discord.com/invite/TjPsbzx 

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