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Event details





The event will start on Saturday 27th at 7pm EST!


The event will consist of 6 rounds with 80 seconds of drawing time!!

(More rounds may be added depending of the player count)

Event ends after all rounds are completed.

You need to be in the voice chat for the event, but a mic isn't required!




  • Must have access to the main discord. Link will be available below.
  • You need a PC or a mobile device to partake in the event.
  • Make sure to set your in-game nickname the same as your discord nickname.
  • Do not draw any vulger/inappropriate/racist drawings.
  • Any form of cheating (drawing hacks, ghosting, etc) will automatically get you banned from participating in future events.
  • You need to join the voice chat to participate. Not being in the voice chat, speaking a language other than English and ear-raping will get you kicked.


Click here to join the discord server: https://discord.gg/EmG7nZ9J 


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