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Jackbox TV Event


Event details


Hello everyone! 

I will be hosting a Jackbox.TV event on Sunday, June 20th, from 7:30 pm CST to 9:30 pm CST.
We will be playing Jackbox Party Pack 4.
Jackbox Party Packs are packs of party games to play with friends. Only one person has to own the game, they will host it while everyone else joins by entering the code at Jackbox.tv

I plan to do at least 3 games, which games we play will depend on what you ask for during the event!
Games in Jackbox Party Pack 4:

  • Fibbage 3 and Fibbage Enough About You
  • Monsters Seeking Monsters
  • Civic Doodle
  • Survive the Internet
  • And Bracketeering

Codes will be given out in the Events VC on the Main Discord, where I'll also be sharing my screen to host the event.

You MUST be in the Main GFL Discord to join the event, because you have to be in the VC to see the host screen.

You MUST be Member+ to join the event! Click here to apply!

Hope to see you all there!


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