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GMod Jailbreak Event


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Hey guys! Great way to start an event eh? Lets start by introducing what this event is all about and why this is happening. I asked @Eli if we could do an event to get our player count higher. It may not work but I still want to try it. 

So what you are required to do to participate in this event is very simple. This next Saturday at 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, we will be having some mini games on the server. By doing these mini games, if you win, you can get up to 1k per games you win. At the end of the event, the one who has won the most points will get a free item from the point shop.

I hope that most of you guys who would like to participate to this event are available at this time. If not, I will try to arrange something for you guys depending on how much people can't make it.


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