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Out of these 30 Suspects, there are 9 real culprits. The 9 culprits are divided into three sets each. So there will be three sets of culprits. You would need to guess correctly with your detective insight to find out who are the real culprits of this game. Each culprit has their own codes below (Image codes), just copy and paste them into your post. Each of your posts can only have three culprits. In order to guess the true culprits, you would need to guess them in the exact same and correct order. So in order for you to earn points, you will need to guess the correct three culprits in the exact same order. Points will be announced at the end, to ensure fairness and so no cheating will take place. Hints will be mentioned at the beginning of every week.



Start Date: June 19th

End Date: August 24th


How to Play

  • Choose 3 of the characters below to see if you have guessed the culprit correctly. 
  • Copy 3 character image codes into one forum post.
  • (Optional) You can number your posts if you want to.



  • Must be a member to participate.
  • Can only post 3 times per day.
    • This is to prevent spamming.
  • You can choose whatever order you want just that the maximum of culprits post is 3.
  • You can only post one guess per post. Meaning 3 culprits PER POST. Don't combine posts.
  • You cannot double post.
    • This is consider part of the spamming rule.
  • You can have the same guesses as other users.
  • Post the DATE & TIME at the bottom of each post.
  • You can number your 3 posts for the day if you want. (It is optional, but it is recommended for me to keep track of it.)
  • You do not need to put the name of the character or where it's from. Just the image code is enough.
  • You CANNOT have more than three characters in ONE forum post.
  • You can change the order how many times you want.
  • You CANNOT CHANGE/EDIT your posts after you have posted. So choose wisely!



Winner will receive winner badge.


All Participants will receive participating badge.




#1 ; #2 ; #3 (Order of Culprits)


My Example:

jc.png.3930efd039183e5c656a4ba83f50df82.png   s.png.44c6d380fc171113618b6a5a3f5471a6.png   sg.png.7bb1064f301c8e58e23c6920a41eea37.png

So I guess #1 to be Jackie Chan (Chinese Celeb), #2 is Sunny (Korean Singer), and #3 is Selena Gomez (American Celeb). This is the order I choose, so if I got the second correct, but the others to be wrong, you will still get points for that correct order for #2. So, you can guess numerous times and try to get the correct order.


But, REMEMBER, you only get 3 chances per day. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. The actual details of this event will be posted in the Event section on June 18th but you cannot start until June 19th.  All Character list, hints & culprit order will be posted a that date.




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