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Council Meeting - September

Council Meeting

Event details


You can read the introduction to Council meetings here:


The meeting will take place on our main Discord server in channels under the Council category which will be made visible shortly before the meeting.


The agenda is as follows:

Council Meeting - September 2020

Discord, September 6th, 2020 at 11:30 AM Eastern Time

  1. Formalities
    1. Call to order
    2. Pick a moderator
    3. Pick a minute taker
    4. Roll call
    5. Agenda approval
  2. (I10) Intro for observers - Nick
  3. Since last meeting
    1. Important decisions
    2. Status on areas
      1. Communication
      2. Divisions
      3. Teams
      4. Tech
    3. Status on divisions
      1. CS:GO
      2. CS:S
      3. GMOD
      4. Rust
      5. TF2
  4. (D10) Rules of Procedure - Nick
  5. (D10) Agreement for staff and team members
    Xy proposed making an agreement that people who work for GFL cannot pull their work once they leave or something similar. We will discuss how we would like to go about this and perhaps propose a temporary solution.
  6. (D15) Member Applications - Nick
    Member applications have been brought up a few times. Most recently in relation to fully automating the application process. We discuss how we want to move forward with this.
  7. (D15) Joint projects
    A lot of joint projects have appeared lately. We will discuss how GFL wants to go about this and what types of partnerships that work in our favor.
  8. (D10) Mentions for events - Nick
    Events are seeing very few participants in their events. They would like to use @everyone and @here again.
  9. (D10) Hall of Fame
    Hall of Fame is a concept that was introduced a few years back for members who have extensively contributed to GFL. The badge got broken and the post was subsequently unpinned. We’ll discuss whether to reboot the concept.
  10. (D10) Communication between staff, managers, and admins
    It is often hard to get in touch with managers, admins, and the like. Nick would like to see some work done in order to ease this. An idea could be to require everyone to be present in the main Discord and make mentionable roles for all teams. Perhaps an Admin Discord.
  11. (D10) Payments - Nick
    Council cannot make sound decisions if they’re not aware of how the funds are being spent and have somewhat power over this. We’ll discuss how to implement this.
  12. (D10) Task management
    We will often have tasks to complete in-between meetings. This item is sponsored by Trello.
  13. (D15) Word Policy - Adam/Nick
    Recently, some servers have decided to ban words beyond the N-word. This has sparked some controversy. We will discuss how we believe GFL should go about this and begin working on a global policy.
  14. (D10) Discord partnership - Ben
    Discord is opening up their partnership application, Ben has a few or more concerns regarding it. We will discuss if it is worth aiming for it, how we can prepare to apply for partnership, comply with their Code of Conduct, meet their requirements and address the concerns.
  15. (D10) What is staff? - Nick
    We often have a hard time defining what staff is in GFL. It seems we all share the same idea, but there are a lot of different reasonings behind the definitions. Let’s define exactly what staff is or perhaps create better lingo.
  16. Closed Item - Personal Matter
  17. Meeting evaluation
  18. Any other business

Recommended Comments

I'm glad to hear that us (non staff) members are able to attend this meeting. Although we don't have a say in what goes on in these meetings I feel its important for us (admins at least) to keep updated in the ongoing in the GFL Clan as far certain topics. Hopefully there will be more of these meetings in the future with times that work around all of our schedules. See you on the 6th.


(Oops wrong forum)

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The meeting will take place on our main Discord server in channels under the Council category which will be made visible shortly before the meeting. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you. 😄


@vL_Billionaire, I am happy to hear that you like the concept! I believe a lot of great can come out of this. 😄 I do want to note that observers can request the word and voice their opinions during the meeting, but they will not be able to vote or be as prioritized as members of the Council.

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