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Council Meeting - October

Council Meeting

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It's time for the October Council meeting! Like last time, feel free to show up if you have an opinion or is curious about anything on the agenda which can be seen below. Feel free to let me know if you want to join for a specific item on the agenda, then you will be mentioned when we get to it. Please RSVP if you want to attend the meeting, so we can reach out in case something changes.


Click here to see the agenda!


The meeting will take place on the main Discord October 9th at 3:00 PM Eastern Time.


Remember to follow the Council Meeting Calendar if you want to be notified about future meetings!


I noticed last time that a lot of people showed up, and that there were some misconceptions on why these meetings are public. I will try to address some of it:

  • All of Council's meetings are generally public and anyone can attend as an observer.
  • These meetings are regular. They are public but not for any specific reason other than transparency.
  • A meeting being public does not necessarily mean it will be much of relevance to the public.
  • We prefer to talk about things at meetings; big and small. This means that sometimes it will get boring, e.g. talking about what the word Staff means. :P
  • The meetings might be long. Last time was too much so I have been more careful with this agenda.
  • These meetings are not a replacement for announcement or similar. The important things will probably get their own announcements, and the minute from the meeting will be made publicly available following the meeting. (We are still figuring out how we want to do this.)


See you on October 9th!


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