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We are finally making the random "Truth or Dare" events in the GFL Discord official! A special text channel will be open for two hours where you can ask, "Truth or dare?", to anyone in the chat. Since the game itself is pretty self-explanatory, I doubt I'd have to go into detail. First, some dares you can't dares others to do:

  • Pinging someone / messaging someone.
  • Using moderation commands except for !bean
  • If you have to question the dare, don't dare someone to do it.
  • Do not ask for Internal or personal information or for someone to abuse their power.
  • Don't dare anyone to break the rules
  • Event Coordinators have the final say.

"Truth or Dare" is a game where you can ask a person to answer any question you have (truth), or dare them to an action (dare). It is highly expected that they must answer the question or do the dare.

If you would like to join us, please join the Discord and wait until November 11th at 7 PM EST for the text channel to open!


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