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Movie Night


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GFL's Event Coordination Team introduces.... movie night!


Every so often at 8 PM EST, there will be a movie night! If you would like to participate in this event, please join the Discord here! The Monday before the event takes place, there will be a poll posted that will ask the community which genre the movie should be picked from.  When you chose your genre, if you feel strongly about a movie that should be on the list, you may make a comment under the poll. Make sure your movie suggestion goes along with your genre! After the voting process, on Wednesday we will take the results and form the final poll. The final poll will have an assortment of movies from the chosen genre. Friday morning at 10 AM EST, the polls will be closed and the movie title will be chosen and announced.


At 8 PM EST, the movie will begin. Halfway through the movie, there will be an intermission where moviegoers may talk, stretch, and use the restroom if needed. 




- We ask that you do not suggest any movies that are overtly sexually explicit or graphic. 

- Do not hate or look down upon others for their movie suggestions.

- Please do not converse while the movie is in session. If you are seen breaking this rule, your talking privileges may be removed for the remainder of the event. 

- Grab some snacks and drinks and enjoy!


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