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About This Club

For those interested in Art.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. When you accidentally have 3 vitamin gummies
  3. Big YCH project I did Total amount of money i got from this was 120 dollars so that's pretty cool
  4. A thing I did for @Nap14hockey :)))
  5. sad boy hours I haven't been drawing a lil while cause I've been sick so i need to get my ass back in the saddle sometime soon
  6. Bae's Gallery

    my own new profile introduction thing took me two hours to do it 😧 i had to rearrange how i want everything to align it through.
  7. A cartoon i made

    Thank you, its the second one i made
  8. Got this awesome commission from someone on twitter
  9. commission for someone in a discord
  10. drew haida from aggretsuko
  11. dragon commission for someone in a discord
  12. finished commission for someone in a discord
  13. yes look at how edgy and cool this epic pose is
  14. Got this from the guy I commissioned back in November and i love it
  15. Changed up my commission sheets/prices :v)
  16. new reference sheet for 2019 :v)
  17. new year new handkerchief (now with background)
  18. Got paid 100 dollars to make this hell yeah?
  19. I got this sick fucking animation done by InvalidQuestion on DA for 10 dollars I fucking love it