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  3. needs new manager
  4. Thank you for your application. Unfortunately on this occasion your member application has been denied. Reason: Due to not replying in the 3 day period. You may reapply at anytime again thanks!
  5. This is my personal response. I just feel that you should start off with one server first. I mean yes before it was 4 then 3 then 2. But since murder isn't a popular gamemode anymore as it was years back, so I feel like you should just stick with one for now. I'd say no to opening a new server considering you have to go through the process with DL, then they'll go through with the higher up on the planning then they go back to DL to set up the server and select a manager. And then we're back to square one, example of is "look at what's going on with ragdoll and prop hunt"! As far as I know, if gametracker isn't a broken piece of shit, not a lot of people like minecraft anymore because of how many maps of every single server has now. You just need a group of dedicated people to populate the server, not the AFK types, the ones that just wants to help out. I tried this multiple times when I AFKed on your server, they see an AFK and so they afk or stay a bit longer and see if anyone comes on. No one ever comes in with 1-2 player. You just need a motivated team whether admin or not, to populate the server. That's how I did it with Jailbreak, now I have to help them again -v- . It'll take a long time for it to finally populate because of drama community, but it'll be worth it to have people to help out, rather than just staring at the numbers to go up.
  6. While I understand this, I feel that this doesn't generate quite as much interest. Even if I don't give it to them instantly and put them under a watch period first (just came up with that actually) I still feel it would bring in more people than your suggestion. I also get that your idea filters out worse applicants, but if a person volunteers and turns out to not be well-suited for the position, then they won't have it for long anyway, right? Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to shoot down any idea I come across, I just feel that I'm doing things as effectively as I can in that department.
  7. Don't openly offer admin to people through a thread. Make them do the normal process, without telling them that you are looking for admins
  8. Hello everyone, I am bumping this thread as it deserves more attention! I am sure many of you want VIP, and this is your chance to obtain it!
  9. IMG_1163.thumb.PNG.5e04183d3de9da0c14b6f36782de660f.PNGschedule for house showings today...  I guess we're having another late night @Xy_

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  11. @Charmy @King_Wailord I know Murder isn't doing well, and i believe it would be justifiable to shut one of the two down, but I still think it has potential that just hasn't been shown. One error is trying to split population between two servers that do the exact same thing pretty much, which is partially why I'm slightly against the idea of a TTT2, but if we can concentrate population to one server I believe it can be successful again. I'm not letting this go, and let's hear some non-shutdown-related suggestions please. Thanks.
  12. In addition: Permanently gimped server?: All the chat gets changed to pirate talk for everyone there. It is ridiculous haha. Blimey End gag rounds: I like the idea of special rounds, but the only fun one really was low gravity. When me and the people I played with didn't notice the special gag round we both thought the game was messing up. Even if we had seen it, it sucks not being able to talk to your friends. Allow smaller props: One of my favorite things in the PH server I used to play was that I could be a mouse or Hulu girl or a can, but I noticed a lot of that smaller stuff here isn't an option or doesn't work at least to let you choose those objects. Review of current maps: This one is a major one and I feel like it would be a profound effect. I actually had some randoms coming in yesterday to play and upon choosing a specific map (can't remember which off the top of my head) we loaded in and then 90% of the map I didn't have textures for. Now I know that is me, but the other 3 people also didn't have the texture and so they all left. All the ideas I have for now.
  13. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  14. Why not permanant?
  15. History repeats itself, unfortunately. We used to believe we could revive servers that failed, and we still do. I believe it is due to the fact that when we tried to make a DarkRP server, it didn't get anywhere. However, this is due to the ridiculous idea that placing a brand new server in the most oversaturated gamemode would work, not because we can't do it. DarkRP WOULDVE been a huge success...if there wasn't already one million other ones.
  16. Paradoxe has applied for member. Steam Profile: Steam Check Link: Why I want to be Member:  beacause im good person and i reallt playing everybody :) GFL Bans: 0  
  17. As @Charmy said, rather than attempting to revive a server that has been gone for a long time now (no offense to anyone) why not open a new server that doesn't have many community servers open (eg. RP servers such as Hogwarts and Army) this will give us much more of an opportunity of having more extremely successful servers.
  18. Honestly i believe murder should be removed. What GFL always fails to understand that gamemodes have an oversaturation in communities and servers, therefore killing each other and whoever is first to be successful will end up being successful. We need new servers to make new gamemodes and grab players before they all die. Nevermind the fact that gmod only has so many players, it won't be long.
  19. @SirAdair No i won't do you That is kind of gay my friend But here's a haiku
  20. Nope Nope Nope. It has always been an application role, well before it wasn't much except you had to be deserve of the role. Although it's easy now, but who knows, maybe it'll switch back to the complicated version. The complicated versions is completely different from what we're doing now, and it had tons of access that a normal admin/operator shouldn't even have. Before, it was a senior admin/global admin/manager only that can become a member acceptor. Unless, specifically chosen or dating a higher up to get it Well except at that time, there was only 10~ senior admins, and they were senior because they been in the community for a long time or respective admins. I'll tell you the history or story of why it's complicated. Only a few of us knew of the access. The access we had was: Full control panel of forums of user groups, members, even access to their email address that they've used to register an account with. We also had access to somewhat like the backend of a sourceban. So that's where we set up their account whether they're member or not. And then we manually put them to accepted or denied. That was how it was back then, yes it's much easier now but... if you're going to say it like that it's an easy role why can't anyone be it. If we're going to do that, it might as well just be only CA+ instead, the amount of admins easily getting the role, and if you haven't noticed whom applied for the role, think that we're not doing our job because they don't answer the question we asked of them. So in turns into a deny and in which, most of them think that member acceptor role is an admin role where you can have fun with it to be powerful. But it is isn't at all. It's lower rank than a operator role better yet, its not even the highest role anymore. tldr; I say no. If we're going to do that, might as well make ts3/discord not an applied role, just get it because you're admin is all I read from this.
  21. Sadly I dont have Nvidia, I have a default AMD raedon card, really cheesy, the only way I run games is off my super overpowered processor.
  22. @Charmy do me cause y not
  23. I wanted admin 4-5 years ago
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