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  2. Garishtech has applied for Developer

    ah yes i have seen your post i just have not got to it, your application looks good! So As of now I'm going to give this a +1 congrats on dev pm me for briefing when you are available.
  3. (Based on SCP-3480). There is only one scp and the rest of the players are MTF. The MTF are Omega-12, and spawn with pistols alongside their primary weapon, as well as this blink Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=746615375 .(Omega-12 are made up of SCP-3480-1 instances who are clones of foundation personnel with minor reality warping power used to deal with more dangerous reality warpers) The one SCP is SCP-3480-2. They come with high health(i imagine 3000-4000 due to the sheer amount of MTF it will be fighting) and multiple weapons/abilities. First, same blink swep as the MTF: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=746615375 Impale SWEP(Remove the view model): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1265479680 ... I said multiple but I couldn't find the others that I wanted. oh well. Should be good enough as is. SCP-3480-2's model is just a normal d-class(The majority of the clones coming through are random civilians or d-class personnel)
  4. Bye guys

    I respect your decision. I could tell that you were getting a bit worn out as manager. You were always so calm and cool when people wouldn't stop telling you to do your job or wouldn't stop annoying you about other things. (Including me) There were some good times and some not so good times, but in the end, thanks for being a great part of the staff team and a great friend.
  5. How TTT Ruined My Life

    To get hours to become admin
  6. [Announcement] The Return of CSS ZE!

    Juky has spoken. /thread.
  7. How TTT Ruined My Life

    Why would a member just sit in spec? Also, you used a comma, good job. Next time we'll teach you where to put them.
  8. Garishtech has applied for Developer

    No, @AverageDrink is the guy.
  9. time apart from warnings

    Like today lol
  10. Help(me)

    Yeah same give me a shot on discord <3
  11. How TTT Ruined My Life

    Even when I am in spec, I am usually still here. The only time I actually AFKed my hours, was my first few days back on GFL ttt.
  12. Help(me)

    Sorry my game crashed lol, i'll be on later, just give me a shout on Discord
  13. Help(me)

    Was fun on the GFL server, left since I was the only one there and surrounded by bots. However, I did get better, and with all bots I was able to do this: Not bad, if I say so myself. That weapon is one of my favorites. And while I really didn't know how machine gunner worked, I'm pretty good with sniper. You know that already, though Conquest will continue to be my choice of gamemode unless real people are currently on the GFL server.
  14. Help(me)

    @mario_the_man btw, playing machine gunner isn't a run and gun glass, grab a bi-pod, a 2x scope, and sit at the back. You're a reserve unit for suppression, don't run in and die from recoil Sniper is kinda the same, except you must expose flanks where the enemy NEVER goes, it's hard to achieve, but it's worthwhile (I'd recommend the M14 as Security Forces, and SKS for Insurgents, both with AP ammo) If forced into a fighter role, don't panic, grab an M4A1/MK18, or an AK-74/AKM, grab AP ammo, (sights actually don't matter that much, especially for the AK, the Iron Sights are REALLY good. I'd recommend a skin mod for the M4A1 though, i linked a skin in the Official Discord Insurgency chat, The SA85) and you're good to go.
  15. Help(me)

    I’ll get on when I can been playing cod2
  16. Help(me)

    We are on rn btw
  17. How TTT Ruined My Life

    Funny joke seeing as that a good 75% of that was in the spec. Sorry to ruin you dreams.
  18. Questions Regarding steam profile

    Forgot about this, it's probably behind the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  19. time apart from warnings

  20. Bye guys

  21. Help(me)

    I will gladly help u since FSG is bad
  22. Help(me)

    I would gladly play some rounds with you
  23. Drifting.

    @Winter i know i haven't known you for a long time, but we have talked and i don't know if you really know me that well yet (i hope so). Yes i wasn't here for murder, and i kinda regret that, i was in other servers hopping around. let me just jump straight to the point, from what I've seen you do with deathrun you're not a bad manager. it really bugs me when you say that you kill every server that you manage, but you only managed murder, before deathrun so its not like you managed like 4 servers and they all died. Murder and deathrun are one of the most played servers on gmod. So there's a lot of competition (i know you know this but) so its hard to bring it back up if people leave, if people leave they don't see the server if they don't see the server they don't play it (people are lazy just scroll down). Well i just wanted to say don't leave or it'll hurt my feels very bads.
  24. Bye guys

    Nice, the last words I get from @PsquawOsaurus are "gay".... This is truly beautiful <3
  25. Bye guys

    :'( CRI LIEK EVRYTIEM. With all the memes ahead you were one of my favorite gfl people you were honestly great sad to see you go
  26. Bye guys

    @PsquawOsaurus i'll miss you do come back pls
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