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  2. Happy birthday!! :)

  3. Looks like you got super unlucky and managed to get assigned an IP address by your ISP that was previously banned. We've confirmed you have playtime, so I don't have a guilty conscience unbanning you. Have a good day! Should be all good now.
  4. Hey everyone, Just an FYI I updated the User Management plugin that assigns Member, Supporter, and VIP. I saw the 10x server was using my outdated plugin that still used the depreciated "OnPlayerInit" hook. I've changed this to "OnPlayerConnected" per this post. Recently, I've been seeing complaints that users aren't receiving their perks after connecting to the servers. This is may be the cause depending on if they removed the "OnPlayerInit" hook completed. Thanks.
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  6. Happy bday!

  7. Your in game name(s): bonzai ben Your SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/wQEFWEF/ Punishment and reason why: mute/gag being very annoying and horrible The Admin who punished you: ? Why the punishment should be revoked: because i want to make up for my actions off saying mean things to people that where trying to have a good time on the server. i am truly sorry please let me speak again i would like to play in this server i really like this server please let me speak so i can make jokes and have a fun time not being muted and ignored please let me speak so i can have a fun time on this great server.
  8. Solo, but not really Map(s): ze_lotr_mountain_doom, ze_helms_deep (maybe), ze_666_crazy_escape, solo maps etc Restrictions/Limitations: 1 person must record/ screenshot the thingie and the change team button must be turned off Event Time preferred: Any Others: so what will happen is, in these maps, people trying to get their hard solo, but this time, let's push them to NOT get the solo but a teamwin instead at the first place what happen is after we beat this level, we gonna have a spec to screenshot who actually win those maps, and then, the fun part is those people who just won, must go suicide (but cannot use change team button ) immediately during the victory screen (a small amount of time before the next round start). Those people who actually won the map got the price. But not the last one who stand there (or the last one who commit suicide) or the slow people who cannot go suicide before the next round started. They want the solo, let's give them the solo, but not the price those people who trying to kill other players to get their solo will never gonna do that in the event since solo means that u automatically become the last one standing which means nobody will get price.
  9. Steam Name(s): Oblivion SteamID: gunmaster0088 Age: 15 Hours Played: 825 Why should you be accepted? I am top 5 this month on the most hours on GFL (130) so I basically always online and also I have reported three people to the ticket in the discord which resulted in all three getting muted. Also I have Donated to the server (VIP). What makes you better than the other applicants? I am always online and also I'm pretty chill am not one to talk shit. I also have never gotten muted. Are you familiar with being chat mod or admin on Rust? no
  10. So would it not be possible for my account to be unbanned? You can be sure this isn't a duplicate account since was created in 2014 as shown :
  11. Hi I was banned out of nowhere for having an alt account (or duplicate if that the same thing) when i dont have one (this account is 7-8 years old). I would like to be unbanned pls so I can be GFL surf servers again (i do enjoy them)
  12. I am sorry but im very confused too. I didn't start playing until quite recently on this server so that account from last year could not have been me. Could it be that someone else that had used a VPN that just so happened to be from my ip was banned?
  13. Hello. There was another account that was banned on your IP last year. Considering you're not on a VPN/Proxy as I can see, I'd like for you to explain how this might've happened.
  14. Alright, since this is a surf timer ban, and not a TTT MC ban, I'm going to move this to the right location. @FrenZy not sure if this one applies to you.
  15. here is my steam URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198148366289/
  16. The steamid provided isn't banned. Can you provide your steam URL?
  17. Steam Name(s): Ech0 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:94050280 Admin that banned you: CONSOLE What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Permanent Server Ban Why should you be unbanned? I was banned for duplicate accounts, but this is the only account I have. It might be because I coincidentally have the same name as another player on the surf server, but I am not associated with him in any way. My account is not a duplicate so I think that the reason for the ban is not valid. Thank you for understanding.
  18. Steam Name(s): rspk SteamID: STEAM_0:1:94286276 Admin that banned you: console What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): karma ban Why should you be unbanned? A few rdmers on the server, t buddies running into my tnt cart(called out) and killing innos for killing innos as detective led to me having too low of karma, wasnt really paying attention to my karma or score
  19. Thank you for the recommendation but I doubt we'll put the community in a standstill. However you do raise a very important point, and that is that we should all try to contribute to the cause. Since not all of us are able to go out and march in the streets, I'll be leaving a link here with donation pages and other information. Supporting the cause is very noble but we shouldn't shame others just because they don't reach the level of "activism" that we do. https://blacklivesmatter.carrd.co/ ALSO: A reminder not to donate to every site you see. Verify for yourselves that the site is legitimate and that the money goes where it is promised: in the hands of the victims rather than the hands of some corporation. Site such as Change may not donate the money their receive directly to those affected. Once again, common sense prevails.
  20. Sorry but if you're too busy playing a video game to do real activism then you don't care, not being racist isn't enough in 2020.
  21. This will be my final response to this and i wont answer regardless, your original idea is dumb just like blackout Tuesday was a retarded idea that muted information from getting to people , you trying to force this downs peoples throats doesnt help, it pushes people away. People are allowed to have fun and enjoy the entertainment of their choosing all while acknowledging And caring about real life problems, their is nothing wrong with wanting to distance themselves and to take a step back from it. the posts here have been reasonable answers from reasonable people, if you dont like it make your own community, shut it down for a day, congratulations you ended racism and police brutality
  22. # 2426 ":)" [U:1:1102411592] 05:46 74 0 active this guy kept crashing the server and hacking on it just wanted to make it known. Thank you
  23. So you get to ignore the real issues currently going on and not care about them, got it. This is how you make them care. Stripping away the life of an innocent black man is kinda gay ngl. Cool, I'm living below the poverty line and Covid has taken a deep toll on my pocket, I can donate $10, but what if I need those $10 because my job is gone or prices go up? I am attending protests in my own city. We're not posting a black square, we're observing a down period of 24 hours, just putting a black square and continuing on obviously does nothing. I don't really want to read a reddit post from a bunch of no name internet historians, I'd much rather read accredited ones. We can make them aware. GFL has how many daily players? If every player gets a message when they try to connect that would be one more person slightly informed and they hopefully would go on to read up more about it. That's not information. Why not? GFL can draw attention to the issue from it's playerbase.
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