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  2. Ban Appeal

    i already send email ask Roy about this question last year september , but he never answer it.
  3. Ban Appeal

    @reduct i dont want to use VPN to connect to server, but my ISP blocked your server, and when i ask them to check it and unblock your server, they told me they cant and they will not do this. So, tell me what should i do, if i dont use my VPN to find the server
  4. Are you trying to imply that minas is broken without the stripper?
  5. my guess is that you skipped downloading all customs player models, since you couldnt download maps earlier. could you please check if you have these files: Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\models\player\custom_player\legacy\GFLclan\mcwhite Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\materials\models\player\custom\GFLclan\mcwhite This is the white master chief skin. If there isnt anything then maybe someone could upload you all the models and materia files to drag and drop into your csgo folder or you try downloading from here: http://fastdl.gflclan.com/csgo/
  6. Its been a year bro help 

  7. Do you have error message in console when you trying to join the sv? I think it's failing to download the models when you are trying to join
  8. Today
  9. Ban Appeal

    CSGO ZE has been the same IP since the beginning and we have not changed hosts ever. What you may be experiencing is your ISP filtering out our IP as occasionally this happens especially for players residing in SE Asia. The only solution is either to restart your router, contact your ISP or wait it out. Waiting may take days. As mentioned in your last ban, @Leks has asked that you refrain from using VPNs to connect to our servers. Please remember this as this is the second time this has happened for you.
  10. Farewell friend. I'll be sure to bring map issues to you if they come up just to have a good reason to be sure you're still around. I'm sorry things haven't been turning out well, but I'm glad to hear you plan on hanging around still. Best wishes, and I hope you find something else you'll enjoy since we no longer do that for you.
  11. I've been thinkin about this and decided to just go ahead and not be admin no more, for a couple of reasons: One, the server is going down a path that I don't find enjoyable, it's being taken over by tryhards and people who complain at the smallest inconvenience, it should be TTTs first ever competitive server the rate it's going. It's no longer fun, it's just a mess of sweaty people who want nothing but competitiveness. Two, I've seen I can't do nothing right, even if that something is congratulating someone, I still do that wrong. So it's shown me I'm toxic and need to take a step back. @Lunar Blade and @Zero I'll still help with maps and shit where needed, I'm still here just not as an admin anymore, just flick me a PM and stuff and I'll get on it Mentions are hard, you know who you are if we've connected.
  12. Epilogue

    Not before member2 is released
  13. So i was banned from using a vpn on the server and was wondering if i could be unbanned?


    1. Astro
    2. FrenZy


      Unbanned. I recommend not using a VPN again on our servers.

    3. ogmuddybone
  14. Ban Appeal

    Name: POW Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:484831227 Admin who banned you: Console Reason: [SourceSleuth] Duplicate Account What Kind Of Punishment: 322560 min Why do you want to be unbanned? : Since the server location or the server net provider has benn changed, i cant find the server from the CSGO community servers , so i have to use my VPN to change my IP address to join the server. Today i try to join the server, the console ban me from the server, and told me the reason is duplicate account. So i want to get unbanned.
  15. Feels like it's been years since I've used this status update.

  16. Hey guys, Sorry to bother y'all, I was wondering if anyone has a way to fix the player model issue in the attached screenshot below? It's showing large ERROR text with big box around almost everything. I had to use Vauff's map downloader to successfully download the maps for ZE, as earlier none of the maps could be downloaded successfully, and now I'm seeing this issue. I've done cl_downloadfilter all, cl_allowdownload 1 so far, same issue. Please kindly advise. Thanks! !
  17. suh dude

    Hi I'm Skooks AKA Speebs. I usually like to TF2 surf servers and a lot of GMOD murder. I can be very energetic sometimes when I'm in game and it may come across as annoying. If you ever want to play murder with me (I'm not sure why u would want to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) then go on GFL servers cause I'm mostly on them, or if you want to be friends then add me on steam.
  18. Pls add: surf_pantheon surf_fruits surf_vegetables surf_piano surf_pinkcubes surf_princess surf_shodan (t6) surf_hotwheels The list could go on. The servers have over played maps that r getting boring
  19. hey there fellow fraggers ...

  20. Finnick`s Art Thread

    been on vacation so heres something ive been meaning to finish too lazy to do the other sketches
  21. I still have Battle for Bikini Bottom for the PlayStation 2! I've played all of the mystery dungeon games as well, and I'm super hyped for this new one!
  22. Battle for bikini Bottom Re hydrated and Mystery Dungeon DX
  23. Epilogue

    @White Diamond goodbye kid
  24. The college football season has came to a remarkable end and now the NFL only has a couple more games. This means its the period where all football fans look back and rejoice on the memories last season provided. However, there is a new organization forthcoming, which may spark interest in the football community. The XFL is officially starting over the spring/summer break, but will it be a bust (again)? The XFL was created back in 2001, which lasted only one season. This is due to multiple problems within the league. The main problem was the fact that the league and teams had less than a year to prepare for the season. As you can imagine, this lead to lack of plays in playbooks, team chemistry, and more. However, the XFL has took a different and smarter approach this time. The new approach is simple... provide the league and teams enough time to prepare for the actual season. Not only that, but they took advantage of changing rules that were seen as "shitty" in the NFL. The XFL has high hopes of becoming the new league with a fast pace game, hard hits (they do take safety into major consideration), and more. Which is amazing in my opinion due to the fact that I think the XFL is starting at the right times. This is due to the fact that the NFL for a couple years now has had multiple complaints about the reffs, bullshit rules, and more. Now, its time to see something different, which I believe it will attract millions of viewers. Overall, I just want to know what yall's person opinions are about the situation. Will it be a bust? Did they start at the right time? Could this be the next big league? Finally, lets not forget about the AAF a year or two ago... Will the XFL follow in their footsteps and become a failure? Let me know because I can tell you right now that I am so ready to watch the XFL games this year. Thank you for reading! XFL PROMO VIDEO:
  25. Epilogue

    This was the best possible outcome. I have brought peace and love to breach when it needed it the most. Remember me.
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