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  2. For example, someone spammed a line "nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger" and someone spammed a line "unzo unzo unzo unzo unzo unzo". The unzo spammer got a verbal warning, the nigger spammer got an actual, logged warning (with !warn), a mini-revolt occurred because of this because they are "both just words". This is where problems arise and why we put forth the post to create a rule to make it clear that words, such as nigger, socially hold a lot more weight than others, and will, therefore, be held more accountable. Hope that cleared up the intent. The appendage of the current private matters rule was to make it more implied that a "private matter" encompasses personal fallings out being brought into the public eye, as that is also another point of contention within the Discord whenever moderation occurs.
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  4. Well, they are pretty different. SCP-2649: Less Health, More Movement Speed, Different LMB, has an RMB. SCP-106: Has more health, less movement speed, different LMB and it doesn't have an RMB. Also is it me or this forum has 255,068 views? I think I'm going crazy because I see this forum has 255,068 views. Might be a glitch because this forum was made 11 hours ago by the time I'm typing this.
  5. I like it, but it just seems like a really buff 106. Novote for now
  6. Looks pretty neat! Would like to see some new member playermodels so I would want this as a member one but that's just me +1
  7. Sure they were bud. Just like how you said the n-word this time.
  8. Oh i remember those, they were mostly because the admin "MYPhart" muted alot of people for saying "Digger" and not "N***er"
  9. hey look, even two 1hr gags. gg
  10. ... Do i really have that many?
  11. Lol dude with your gag history I do not believe that at all. Multiple 5, 10 and a 30 min gags shows you haven't learned.
  12. Mute Appeal

    Name: ChuppaTricky Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:240656461 Banned by: PulseGenorator Ban reason: Multiple Past Gag's Why you should be unbanned: I said a racist word earlier and got a 5 min gag, after that it was taken off then reapplyed with a permanent gag, i have learned my lesson and wont ever micspam, say racial things, or do whatever else causes a gag.
  13. Yesterday
  14. STEAM_0:0:449960435 @Zero big oopsies
  15. Ban/mute appeal

    What is your steamID? Your forums account isn't linked to steam, so I have no way of getting it.
  16. Name: The Bigg Swigg Banned by: @Zero ban reason: RDM and leave Why The Bigg Swigg should be unbanned: Ok so basically, a person got a KOS and i said i would follow through. I said that if he was a innocent and if the kos was a fooled one i would take the slay, I said this via voice chat. I will admit i did do the oopsie and killed him. And soon enough my power went out while in game, causing my computer to shut off yea it sounds fishy if you don't want to unban me i'll take it as it is, it's no biggie. At the end of the day i know it's your job and that's completely legitimate. ❤️ love, Hank Scorpio: AKA, The Bigg Swigg
  17. We're here for you with warm hugs ❤️
  18. What we should do is have an expiration on mutes if the player shows commitment to the server and continues playing for a period after. It shouldn't be an easy milestone but I'm thinking more in kakarots case he still plays years after being muted. Make it like 100 hours playtime on the server for an unmute (sorry LQ). If they continue to offend then just mute them again and the 100 hours starts over. People can mature and see their wrongdoing and I just feel if you continue to play that long you should get another chance.
  19. Yep, I would love to work with Discord bots. No problem on the late reply.
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