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  3. I know I already posted here, but this one is also something. Team Fortress 2. I have loved this game for the longest time. But for the longest time my goal was always "get as good as possible with Scout". I'd spend hours on end practicing with the class. I'd get my ass kicked in competitive lobbies (pugchamp, tf2center), and get it absolutely obliterated in DM practice. Well... until I actually started to improve. I was doing an okay job in competitive lobbies (like in pugs, which are known to have some pretty high level players with genuine competitive experience), I was pub stomping left and right. And despite the fact that I had improved so much over the years it just didn't feel fun anymore. I like being challenged. I want to be challenged. The problem is: time. Competitive lobbies can take a while to launch. And I most definitely don't have a consistent enough schedule for actual competitive (ugc). I totally love the competitive format of 6v6. But I just don't have the time for it. Pubstomping isn't fun for me. I want to be challenged with scout, always. Anytime I'm actually winning, I feel bored. Maybe it's my fault. It probably is. I made tf2 about challenge rather than about fun. Which resulted in me losing interest in playing the game. So now days I'll only play it if I'm going to play with friends.
  4. Rainbow Six Siege - Too toxic and slow paced game CSGO - I will play for like a month then stop, I just don't have the effort to get a higher rank. I got stuck with silver 4 and I can't move up any higher.
  5. VIP Giveaway

    Nagegg#7900 GMOD DarkRP
  6. Information: Information on what these nominations are will be written in this post. These votes will close on: Friday April 10th @ 1:00AM CST Nominations: Map Nomination: "Screw CS:GO Maps" Map Combo -- by ShadowCreepy Consists of: ze_ancient_wrath_v2_test27 ze_doom3_v1 Special Kickers: No P90 or TMP allowed in Doom 3 --- Map Nomination: "Level Up! (RPG Marathon)" Map Combo -- by willywilson Consists of: ze_fiendlordkeep_v4_2 ze_tloz_celestia_a4 (NOTICE: willy is well aware that Ocarina of Time was going to be removed from his nomination due to how unstable it is on the server, Celestia was his explicit choice to replace that map when asked to think of another one) ze_valkvang_s1 --- Map Nomination: "They performed surgery on a temple" Map Combo -- by jayz Consists of: ze_frozentemple_b8_2 ze_moltentemple_p1t2 --- Map Nomination: "Shroomathon" Map Combo -- by bluedog (borrowed from the last voting thread [Event #173]) Consists of: ze_shroomforest_v4_5 ze_shroomforest2_v1 ze_shroomforest3_b6_2 --- Map Nomination: "Gladiator Battles" -- by sahok (borrowed from the last voting thread [Event #173]) Consists of: ze_Paranoid_Rezurrection_v11_9 Special Kickers: Grenades and knives only Auto-jump can be enabled / disabled at random (Honestly the specified kickers were pretty hard to understand and this is what I [barely] understood from them. Please correct me if I listed them wrong)
  7. You have been unbanned, please stop associating with groups of banned individuals. It is hard for us to seperate who is evading and who is "innoncently" assocating with the evaders.
  8. The Bucket Truck is me and my id is 174053735306231809
  9. Man you got me there, probs cs 1.6 it had much fun with the bois, also old roblox with black hawk rescue and also arcane adventures, best communities but they broke and now its full of kids.. smh 😔
  10. It's feels a little surreal knowing I've been in GFL for nine years now. This is grand theft lifespan.

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    2. Roy


      Do you remember the exact month/date of when you joined GFL in 2011?

    3. Amelie


      Floopy roped me into it that Christmas holiday of 2011, and Shuruia was already there. So like..probs November??

    4. Roy


      Oof, crazy to think how long ago it was.

  11. If your account is <@174053735306231809> which is the one you listed above then you're not currently banned on our discord servers. Your SteamID (STEAM_0:0:92107789) also is not banned on any of our servers. Is this you?
  12. Can you provide your ID: Ex. 106878307202568192
  13. I gotta go with Far Cry 5 and Payday 2. I used to grind the shit out of those two games for the longest time. It got to the point where it just wasn’t fun or interesting anymore, sadly. They were really good games at the time, but I can’t bring myself to play them anymore.
  14. Tantibus - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=634307070&searchtext=tantibus Was fun back in the day. Some people liked it some didn't but overall fun map. Ze_Pidaras - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1083196334&searchtext=ze_pidaras This map is awesome and was so fun to play on.
  15. Mysticx#6335 MC TTT is the best and no one can tell me different
  16. @SS PigeonShit Again. That's what this ban appeal is for.
  17. Ive been getting into gmod mapping lately and heres an experiment, id appreciate you guys's feedback map.zip
  18. Sorry but not my job to read the rules for you
  19. @SS PigeonShit I get it. Nobody liked what I did. I fucked up. But I thought we were past this? I agreed I wouldn't do it again and that's why the perma ban was changed to a 1 week ban. I had no idea joining with an alt would get me banned while being banned. That's a mistake I regret doing. I wasn't even given a chance to play on the server after the perma was changed to a 1 week ban. I didn't want to cause anymore trouble.
  20. Thanks Kaien, I understand your point. I appreciate you giving time to briefly explain what you have to say against me. Thank you and have a good day man.🙏
  21. Valorant Beta Keys

    I wish I have been watch streams all day trying.
  22. ye after those time being an apes and expressing my feeling i realize it not a right thing. I'm trying to control most of my feeling. It should be better by now you shouldn't see me getting mad anymore :^).
  23. Valorant Beta Keys

    i though there was a key here god dammit
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