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  2. Thanks for posting three of these, and thanks for them being in off topic and random questions. My notifications really appreciate it.
  3. 049 Special

    Don't you hate when your army is almost dead Here's an idea, 049 is a doctor right? how about he can heal his 049-2s to 375 HP [Half HP] would heal really slow. Thought about this while i was at 70 HP and everyone else was at 10-100 HP with a 049 cornered by MTF
  4. Today
  5. 079 Really needs better room defence

    Medkid, SCP-500, and they have bad aim.
  6. 079 Really needs better room defence

    Well, they kind of do. Even with MTF armor they still do some damage, at least 25 -HP.
  7. New Reportable Offense Request

    Honestly this is my opinion, the majority of players don’t want to win from the Diamond Blocks, it ruins the Traitors round and people who don’t want a fast pace game with no action ruins their round too, I greatly understand it is a part of the Traitors job to stop the collection. However you always got those people who are constantly watching those with the diamond blocks making sure no one gets rid of them. If you end up seeing a traitor collect them either 1)Gain evidence that they were and file a player report 2)Call an admin of none are online to punish them 3)If an admin Is online, tell them in admin chat to keep an eye out on them (After the round, so you don’t straight up say my t buddy is collecting the diamond block) in general no way we could stop it as a form since anyone could collect them. And I doubt you would kill your Traitor Buddy for even doing that since that would be rdm. I mean even as an innocent if I see the diamond block made I take it and toss it in the t room because I hate to lose to that so I would hate to win that way.
  8. 079 Really needs better room defence

    They really don't...
  9. Trading (Taken)

    I don't understand how people can be so patient. You can sell skins fast and secure using specialized platforms. They were initially created for this purpose, to facilitate and speed up the process of buying / selling
  10. 079 Really needs better room defence

    I like it. 079 is way to "easy" to kill, like all you have to do is get an O5 card and disable the door controls, and once you face him, it's not really a challenge(well the manhacks do deal a fair amount of damage but still).
  11. 079's Manhacks are useless If you have played HL2, Turrets and Manhacks are candy. unless you suck Here's some ideas for room defence -Self Destruct: Kills 079 and everyone in his room "IF I DIE, YOU'RE COMING WITH ME!" -Gas: your basic gas from 914 -Indoor Turret: Like the turret outside his cell -Armor: Gain an extra 1000 HP to hold out for backup -Spawn a Robot to fight, this robot is a player, their life is tied with 079, if 079 dies, they die.
  12. 939 Ability

    Oh, but how will someone use it?
  13. 939 Ability

    Ya know peoples name colors in chat? it just changes that.
  14. Yes, I also read this guide over a year ago. I think that it is superficial and needs a deep dive into CS:GO gameplay . But it's even better to ask for help on the forums.
  15. 939 Ability

    Wait, I'm confused? Could you explain a little more?
  16. IM back

  17. 939 Ability

    939 Isn't really 939 When he's not able to replicate voices, how about 939 gets a menu with right click or something to select a role to replicate, the menu would show a list of roles D Class Researcher MTF Chaos SCP selecting one will allow 939's chat color to be said role's color i hate playing 939 and not being able to use chat, and people with mic's get away with pretending while chat only's dont.
  18. Happy Birthday cutie! :duck: 


    p.s- one more year! 

  19. Favourite Map?

    Mirage. It surfaces the best things about CS:GO
  20. BEST CS:GO MATCH EVER!!111!!!

    I like this match
  21. Old Video Games

    Yeah! "Ocarina" is the standard of gaming architecture, where the ideal proportions are respected. In the development of narrative, in a leisurely introduction and in a sweeping ending, in the design of locations, in the study of the environment, in the use of sound, in all the numerous details that enliven the world, an incredible level of studying
  22. MS Paint stuff,

    Like I said, I am a master at drawing.
  23. MS Paint stuff,

    y u so bed at draing men
  24. some people play games.

    but I win by making games play games go enjoy your game mr.game.


  25. is the fucking biggest gay to ever live
  26. SuitZoom Menu's

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