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    In support of VideoGameDunkey (my FAVORITE YOUTUBER) playing Fistful of Frags.



  4. Hey there everyone. So, here's the deal. I have finally reached the point in the GFL games development process where I can begin creating the in-game enemies. This means I will begin getting in contact with people to discuss their character, and plans I have for the applicants character. At the end of each day (if I have added anyone of course) I will post a message here showing all the people who have been added to the game. I will tag the applicant like this: @_Rocket_. If you wish to apply to be an enemy before I close the application process, please apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1d8G9UBDMap4F7wKotggWbdwvd0j2dl7Zvgw81Q3BPEI The following sections of this topic will discuss a few things that concerns specific people. If you have any questions or are curious, browse through here to find out more: If You are not an applicant... And choose not to apply, this is perfectly fine. Chances are you are just here so you can play the game. The game will be completely free to download and play. I will probably even provide the source code for any programming nerds out there. I will need some patience on your end though. Game development takes time. If you want to find out more about this game, here are some other places you can go to learn more. If you are an applicant... I will need a lot of patience from you. I will likely contact you at any given moment in the future. Remember, I am making a video game. I still need to make it fun and balanced, and have a reasonable difficulty curve. If you applied to have your character appear much later in the game, there's a good chance I will not be contacting you for a while. So please be patient, I will get to you eventually. >>>>> IF YOU ARE AN APPLICANT, PLEASE READ THIS SECTION <<<<< There are some very important things you will NEED to know as this process continues. I will NOT be able to get EVERYONE who applied to be added to the game. There is a good chance that some of the applicants will not be able to be added to the game. This is not personal by any means. I should also mention. I did encourage people to put in anything they thought of in the application they submitted. However, I have gotten a few pretty crazy applications. I appreciate all the people who have applied, but remember. I am only one programmer boi. When you are requesting me to make some epic boss fight for your character, you aren't considering how much work it actually takes to make a bossfight. The bossfights for this game are going to be well hidden to everyone. I have a plan for the bossfights, and I do not plan on showing anyone in GFL these bossfights, I want them to be special and a surprise. If you are expecting to be one of those bossfights, I am sorry, but you will be very disappointed. If you are worried that you requested too much in your application, don't be. There's a reason why I am going to be getting in contact with all the applicants. We will discuss your character when the time comes.
  5. Ttayw STEAM_0:0:90918162 pp suck STEAM_0:1:438718274 Possible Bhop Scripts Video of !jumps. Ended up hitting 2 on a NO bhop server. fdsfds.mp4
  6. Changed Progress to 42
  7. bored

  8. Bugs Thread

    There's multiple stats that need to be changed, 3 I think. So he could have forgot any one of them.
  9. 049 WTF

    ye now that i played as 049 i realised he has real low health he might be alright now
  10. Help, I dont understand these forums. ;_; Its too confusing for my small brain


  11. Bugs Thread

    not a bug, just a shitty update to vests lol. MTF who spawn with vests arent affected, and that is a bug, but the slowdown was just a bad update
  12. Agreed but people like d class or researchers who dont spawn with armor suffer from the bug if they pick up a vest that spawns by itself. Idk anything about coding so i cant give a solution.
  13. Bugs Thread

    If I had to guess, Haxray touched the stats of the armor but forgot to update the spawn stats of MTF / anybody else who spawns with armor.
  14. For whatever reason, when ever you pick up any vest or drop your vest and then pick it up, your movement speed drops dramatically. One time I accidentally picked up a vest and SCP-610(one of the slowest scps in the game) caught up to me. Also idk if it is just me but SCP-127 does not regen ammo.

    cringe retresf

    1. Chef.


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  17. this server has already crashed more then 3 time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  18. We have more coming than this. This is something I'm just experimenting with and interested in!
  19. 049 WTF

    It's more lore friendly, he also has pretty low health to make up for it. You can suggest a balance if you think he needs it.
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