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  3. My intention was not to say I'm getting targeted meant it more as feel free to spectate me more etc, I'll try to keep it simple and only respond to the necessary bits beneath. Though time played doesn't have to be an direct representation of skill time there's definitely a correlation between play time and skill. I wouldn't call myself the average Joe when it comes to most stuff including games, usually end up spending way too much time trying to achieve more skill & knowledge. (Lets be honest that 30k hour mark is mostly afk haha) If you honestly believe I'm cheating there's not much I can do except denying it, not sure if there's any way of proving my innocence, but not the type of guy to be going around cheating, only thing remotely close to it would be my game knowledge just knows too much about how people behave, game functionality etc. Isn't it weird how the list of weapons I'm lasering people is low recoil climb weapons? Just think about that. Not to mention stopping to spray here and there for maximum bullet efficiency (not always but quite common enough to mention). 😊
  4. I didn't only show these videos to the TTT Rot admin team for inspection of whether or not you had hacks. I also showed them to the TTT 24/7 MC Staff team (it's an older server with a staff team that has seen it all, including myself). I'm not targeting you here, you're a cool guy and all, but I was told that you had anti recoil and I checked it out. I gathered evidence to support it (as every time you shot a gun it had no recoil), and I sent it to both teams. They both told me that it was, in fact, anti recoil. Shooting at a live target and shooting at a wall do have a difference, but at the same time they have the similarity of the gun bobbing when you shoot it and control the recoil, which is something I don't see when you shoot the TMP. I also have a video of you shooting the p90, though it's not my video, so I won't share it. Same thing as the tmp, straight line across the screen, no gun bobbing. Lastly, let's not use game hours to represent skill, I have 3k hours on Gmod, and I don't consider myself the best player out there. Violator (old DL) had 30k hours on Gmod, and he was still ass at the game.
  5. jb_dystopian leks

    thought I'd give an update on this: Maps over 150mb can be added but they are not fastdl-able. Meaning players will be downloading the whol 170mb the map is, instead of the 55mb bz2 format map. I'll keep on investigating this.
  6. Server Added a few tools to prevent mic spamming - Admins now have a broader view on who is using the microphone, allowing faster punishment. When a map vote starts, all users are muted with exception of warden, as to prevent people from spamming "VOTE 4, VOTE 4" or anything of that sort. Only admins are able to set votedays. Various small tweaks to all votedays configs. Store Added !store. Available to all MEMBERS. Currently available items for all members include: Tracers Laser Sight Grenade Trails Grenade Skins (Orange for HE, Banana for Flashbang and Watermelon for Smoke) Paintball More features will come to store with time, this includes: Custom Trails for Event Winners Custom Trails for Supporters, VIPs Custom Trails for Admins Once fixed, accessories such as hats, masks and glasses Pets for VIPs As a heads-up, the prices are currently not final, and there will be a reset once I find the perfect economy for our server. Gangs Added !gangs. Available to EVERYONE. Currently gangs give no features other than a ranking system to see who has most CT Kills, etc. The cost to create a gang is currently 2500, but will be lowered/adjusted according to the shop prices. Gangs will be reset together with store.
  7. Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible): Syntax#9634 Why were you banned?: Constant Toxicity (1 year count) Why should you be unbanned? I don't know, it's up to you guys honestly. I went on a trip to Thailand and it was really cool there. I drank, pee'd, possibly had something to do with ladyboys but that's a story for another time, and I also learned a few words there. I'm back and I'm going to be playing CS:GO a lot, I've also gotten a new Paypal setup and so I can buy more games than ever, I don't have any reason to be unbanned truly, perhaps I have changed, but not drastically. Do I promise not to break rules again? I never broke any, but if the permanent ban I have gotten was truly due to my obnoxious behavior, then sure let it be that way. I cannot promise that I am not toxic anymore as that would be a lie, however I can tell you that I am now only here to play games and I will most likely only be using the GFL Discord to communicate, not get too much involved. Most instances of toxicity and unwanted behavior were recorded when I was either drunk or had nothing to do, I truly did not enjoy my past 2 years of being in this community, as it is no longer toxic. Or perhaps I come for a different background, a different server, because when I first joined, I only did it for member perks, never really to get involved with GFL as a whole, and I don't want to bring up Zombie Mod since it was the reason why I first came here, but it's no longer here. And so back then my presence was perhaps unwanted, as I have never enjoyed any other server in particular. Perhaps Zombie Escape? but that's too 'murican, although the community there is very toxic (toxic is enjoyable) but I just can't play there really due to latency. Overall, I cannot make any promises, it's really up to you to unban me or not, perhaps monitor me as I blend back into the community. I'm not a big fan of the current staff either, but I will not start any fights, that's a promise I can make. No shitposting, no trolling, or anything of that sort, I enjoy debates but I'll cut them off, I will only use discord for communicating with other players in the sole purpose of gaming. (I'm still trying to choose what game server to settle on). Thank you, have a nice day.
  8. To clarify, the shots of someone shooting the wall wasn't Time. It was somebody else, comparing the regular recoil, and then recoil while attempting to control it. It was just to compare someone elses experience with the weapon to the clip of Time. That said, I do ask you refrain from commenting on appeals in the future unless you have new or pertinent information on the situation. Everything you've said is already in consideration. The appeal has been pushed to some higher ups, and we must wait for them to have time to review everything as well. We're just waiting right now, really.
  9. I feel like this needs that “are you flippin retarded” meme added to it i mean after all this wanker did apply for admin
  10. yyyymmdd is best IMO because of sorting, it's easy to sort stuff this way and for others to view it on text. But in person (irl) clearly ddmmyyyy as it's supported by default. "20th of august 2019".
  11. I am going to say this without bias and I am not going to share my opinion. I am only going to lay out what I am presented. With that amount of playtime, it can suggest that you are easily able to handle recoil of most of not all guns in the source engine. This is most definitely possible, and being able to handle recoil is a skill that players need to learn to maximize damage for each weapon. Thousands of in-game hours can most definitely be enough to learn this skill. The second clip that Bandit shows has you shooting a wall. The way this is shown, it would seem as if you are testing a cheat engine to make sure it works. Using 2 clips to fire normally, then turning the cheat on to see if it works. However, this could also very well be a clip of you practicing with the weapon. Overall, there isn't any *solid* evidence that this was a hack or cheat. The evidence provided can most definitely suggest the possibility of a cheat being used, but there is not any damning evidence available. I will still not give my opinion on what action should be taken with this. I am just giving what I have gathered with this. Take it as you may.
  12. Introduction Well unfortunately I'm typing this out on phone, so just bare with me here if any of these sentences become all "wordy". I work best with an actual keyboard haha. Playing Traitor is the best part of this game mode. But unless you are Keira, you can't be traitor every round. So when you do finally see that magical red box show up on the bottom left, you know you gotta make the round count. However, even the smallest of mistakes can cost you a round. And sometimes, provided you don't use a traitor pass, it may take another 5 rounds or more before you get another shot at winning a Traitor round. This is just a few things I've collected over my time playing the game. I'm by far not a professional player, so take all of this with a grain of salt. But if you find yourself in a tight spot, maybe my past experiences of failure and experimenting can help you get out of that situation and kill all your friends without getting caught. The Wonders of Sound People tend to forget that sounds can tell you a lot about what's going on, and what's gonna happen. Even the smallest of sounds can completely change your strategy. It's an important detail that people sometimes miss. And unfortunately, it's a detail that can lead to them getting killed. I know it's hard to hear in-game sounds when you have 6 different people screaming, 1 person demanding to get tested, and 1 person who desperately needs that health station. But hear me out. Turn up that in-game audio. That audio could save a traitor round in a flash. When you have recently killed someone when no one is around do me a favor and hit that f2 key. The f2 key should mute everyone if I'm not mistaken. If it doesn't, just listen closely for footsteps. And I mean really listen for them. Here's a few ways you can go about things based on what is going on. If you hear footsteps nearby, switch to a different weapon. For the love of God do not keep holding the gun you just used to kill the person you just killed. This will lead to major suspicion, or worst case scenario, some nice lovely lead in your head. Next, ID the body you just killed. Maybe announce that you found a body if that's what you normally do. Just act natural. The person will walk up to you and find you ID'ing a dead innocent and think nothing of it (hopefully). Best case scenario, he will ID the body right after you, and as they do it, you could come in and kill them too! If you haven't caught on, here's what just happened. You are listening to footsteps to know if someone is close. Sometimes you don't have the time to look all over the damn place before making your kill. Sometimes you gotta act. If you stop after silently killing someone (note, it has to be silent, otherwise you'll be very suspicious) and listen for any footsteps, you'll know if someone is about to walk past you. Not ID'ing a corpse is a kosable offense. And it's a mistake that could easily cost you that round. If you stop and listen for those footsteps, you'll be able to identify that someone is coming. You'll then switch into "perfectly unsuspecting innocent" mode and check the corpse of the guy you just killed. That way, you don't get called out. Footsteps are louder than you think, especially in enclosed areas. When the round is almost over and most people are dead it's hard to convince everyone that is still alive that they aren't the only ones left. If anything, even if 8 people are "missing in action", the last remaining person(s) are already suspecting how alone they really are. At this point you need to figure out a good way to convince them that someone else is still out there. Personally I for some reason have good acting skills, but even convincing words and reactions won't be enough sometimes. Sometimes you gotta really trick them. So here's a friendly tip. Step 1: Pick a name from the "Missing from action" list. Preferably a person who isn't incredibly vocal. Bonus points if the person you pick was already suspected to be a potential traitor/was a traitor buddy who died but was never ID'd. Step 2: Get a gun that makes noise. A shotgun can work, but deagles and rifles really work here. Just don't use the gun that you will be using to kill the remaining people. It's not extremely important, but it might remove any potential suspicion of trickery. Remember, they are already anxious, they can use any small detail to loose trust in you. Step 3: Say that you think you see the person you chose of the missing from action list. Maybe try to "call out" to this person and ask a question like "dude are you a traitor" or something. Do what you would normally do if you were an innocent. Step 4: Make sure the guy(s) you're trying to trick can't see you... Obviously Step 5: Start shooting that gun like crazy, bonus points if you are fast enough and can switch between primary and secondary weapons to give the illusion that you are trading gunfire with the person. If you use voice chat, start calling out "Kos this person, Kos this person!" As you are shooting. If you are a text only player, wait a few seconds (like as if you are running away) then text Kos and such. This will hopefully convince them enough that the person is in fact a traitor and isn't dead. Btw, I would recommend you either burn the corpse of this person/hide the corpse. It would be super awkward if they found the corpse of the person you are pretending is still alive. Right Behind You Killing an innocent, just to get blasted in the ass anyway sucks. No really, it's a really common way to lose a traitor round, but it's one of the worst ways despite that. Here's a couple tips in keeping that lead out of your ass, because no one wants that. That would be quite a sad moment in history. Let's say you kill someone with a not-so-silent weapon, what do you do? Well, this is where you gotta consider a few things. If you are gonna kill a person with a loud gun, try to make it something that has the capability of one-shotting them. Deagles, snipers, and shotguns if you're good with them can do this job nicely. The best option would be a Deagle. Next, if you're gonna risk your whole round by using a loud gun, make sure it's in a small room, preferably a room where the only way to enter it is through a tight doorway/opening. This is how you handle the situation. Once you preform the kill, do not teleport, do not switch weapons, do not check the body, do none of that. The FIRST thing you do is look at the doorways or openings into the very room you are in, and wait for a few seconds. You are wanting to see if anyone heard your shot and is coming into your room. If you run away, you run the risk of getting incredibly high suspicion being put on you. You know how bad that can be. Do not move an inch until you know you're clear enough to walk away a free man. If a person walks through the door, you have a couple decisions. You can A. Rely on your aiming skills and shoot them right away, or B. See if they stop moving for a second to analyze the situation. They usually instinctively freeze to look at the body laying under you, making sure it is unID'd. In this very moment you can take the shot and guarantee it's a headshot. (Again, highly recommend Deagle for this) You are standing in a small room to help make aiming easier. Don't try to play the game believing you are the best shot in the west. Even if you are the best shot in the west, you still need to play smart. A successful Traitor round is about strategy, not deathmatch skills. It's up to you what you want to do after you kill this next person. This is something you have to learn through experience. Unfortunately I cannot give tips here. Nice, you got the sword kill. But now you suddenly see your screen go red, and now you're dead because Volk just put a new hole in your head. It doesn't matter what happens, ALWAYS check your back after getting a knife kill. ALWAYS. This will save your life more times than you may think. Magical and Mystical Teleporters A teleporter can open up some cool strategies if you play your cards right. But they can easily lead to your untimely death if you aren't smart with them. A teleporter isn't going to have the same effectiveness on every map. I'm not gonna start making off maps here, maybe some other day when I'm actually on a damn physical keyboard. "Where the hell do I mark my teleport position?" Good question. You would think this is an obvious question to answer, but apparently for my slow brain it isn't. Here's a few rules you might want to consider following when you mark that teleporter: Rule 1: Go for a place that very few people go to. A traitor room works nicely (Provided you can get into the traitor room and mark it without getting spotted), but if you can't do that, find a place that isn't incredibly isolated and hard to get out of, but also a place that isn't walked on a whole lot. If a person sees you appear out of thin air, they might get offended. Rule 2: Try to place it as far away from your hunting range as possible (while still following rule 1). Your teleporter isn't going to be incredibly effective if your teleporting 15 feet from your murder scene. Try to plan this out ahead of time. If your hunting grounds suddenly shift closer to your original marked spot, try to mark a new place if you can. Do NOT go forward with your plan if people are close to your teleporter position. Rule 3: Follow rule 1 and rule 2 like it's a religion. I got the kill, it's time to teleport... I'm gonna stop you right there. Doing the good ol' strategy of teleporting after you kill your prey is fun, but remember, you gotta be smart. Do not ever just teleport right after making a kill, even if it was done with a silent weapon. If you did make a kill with a silent weapon, listen for those footsteps again. Have a gun that can headshot if needbe. If you used a loud gun, do like I said before and stand guard and wait a few seconds. If someone comes in, try to kill them. If they call you out before they die, you can use your teleporter to your advantage. Otherwise, still wait to make sure no one walks in. I have been killed while trying to teleport a way a few times. It's worse than getting shot in the back. If you stand for a few seconds and wait for someone to come in, it might just save your life. Of course, if no one comes in, you can vanish away and plot out your next kill. Stabby Stabby I like swords. So great, you got yourself a sword. Go kill people with it. Be smart though. Press V. It pulls out the sword without using the weapon menu... Wew Before pulling out the sword, quickly equip the gun you want to he holding right after you use the sword. When you kill someone with a sword, it switches you back to the weapon you were previously holding. It would suck if you knifed someone, turned around and started trying to hit the person behind you with the Magento-stick. Okay thanks for reading. I need some sleep. Have a nice night/day folks.
  13. There isn't targeting going on. Compared the average player, your aim can and did at times look as if there was no recoil to be fighting against. That said, mistakes can happen. This is still under review, the appeal isn't just sitting here idly. I apologize for the time it's taking, but the possibility of hacks is a matter to be taken seriously. Be patient and if it's decided there wasn't hacks involved in the videos taken, we'll proceed from there. But try to keep your tone in check. A simple explanation is all that's needed from you in this situation.
  14. Mate first of all if you look at a TMP recoil it has basically no recoil (very slow climb compared to other guns) have you seen me use the ak? Yeah dog shit with it hence why I don't use it. Secondly I'm not a low life that would use hacks but will take it as a compliment. Thirdly shooting at a wall and shooting at live target is way different trust me (this just sounds like a meme but true), I'm global at cs:go and have over well over 3.5k hours on GMOD. If I was to cheat I would turn to something that would be hard to detect like wallhack because I'm not brain dead as some people can probably vouch for. You can doubt my skill all you want but in the end I know myself and my limitations and prefer to use weapons I'm comfortable with myself. If you have any clips of me using the m16 or some shit weapon I don't use feel free to view my recoil control there. (It's bad) Becaues I know my limitations whenever at distance I prefer tapping instead of spraying full out as you may or may not have seen (not sure if I've played with you while you were non-staff). Yes Adversary has good recoil control but her triumph is aiming not spraying. If you want to target me or something go ahead feel free to continue spectating or some shit but you won't see a change in my play style nor aim/control. Don't compare your limits with mine (holy shit this sounds awful but true). If you got something to discuss feel free to hit me up on discord or continue writing here thank you.
  15. I attempted to jump over a fence, and ended up getting a broken arm. I tried to hide the broken bone from my parents for over 2 weeks.
  16. I punched a wooden building and fucked my hand. It was red. Not the building, my entire hand.
  17. In that case at best we could likely try to pin him for Consistant RDM... however even with witnesses, we need screenshots or something to take action. For now we'll just keep an eye on him if we see him online.
  18. If it was only one instance then it's just revenge rdm, which is a slay.
  19. Although I dont have screenshots either, I am a witness. Jagernog rdmed Shiro for a 2nd, time. I informed Shiro that if he continues, they should file a player report. He then RDMs me.
  20. Accepted! Welcome to the 2Fort team! When I get home i’ll edit this post with the links of commands.
  21. I mean this isn’t really a special round it’s more like special rounds. The idea sounds cool but in game I don’t believe this will go over well. You are basically asking for an entire map where only specific scps can be played it just isn’t what breach is supposed to be. If it was just 1 round I believe it would be cool but an entire map no thank you. -1
  22. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to report a player. However without some sort of proof, usually screenshots, we can't take action against the player. That said with what you described, there isn't much action to be taken on our end yet anyways. Most of that is very small infractions that would be a slay or a warning. However we can keep an eye on this player if we see him online in the future.
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