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  2. So this is what i was able to make, let me know whatcha think
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  4. Request type: Signature Size: 1200 x 550 pixels ( Max Signature size) Source image/render: Image -0 https://picsart.com/zh_hans/i/image-freetoedit-background-vaporwave-276374447011201 Image - 1 https://www.hiclipart.com/free-transparent-background-png-clipart-fjaoh Image - 2 https://www.pngguru.com/free-transparent-background-png-clipart-bnfbh Image - 3 https://www.pngguru.com/free-transparent-background-png-clipart-vsdpw Image - 4 Thank You ! Text *(optional): Image - 0 Is the background of the signature. ( Stretch this image ) Image - 1 I would like to be placed in the middle bottom so the images goes up and the finger points to my name ( Lemillion) Image - 2 I would Like in the bottom left Image- 3 I would Like from the bottom right to top right Image- 4 I would like in the top left Near the Top Right just in front of the third image, I would Like written in any text/font that looks good, My 4 roles. TTT MC Staff- TTT Rot Staff - Prop Hunt Staff - Event coordinator ( All these stacked on top of each other. Color scheme *(optional): Vaporwave Examples: Additional information: I put everything in Text just realize now :0
  5. League IGN (In-Game Name): No Life Regrets Level/Rank: i have 3 permabanned accounts so i dont have a level/rank Experience in ESEA/FaceIt (or others): nah Position(s) you play: everything What are the rules? Let's do first turret, first to 50 cs, or first blood = win
  6. League IGN (In-Game Name): The Dead Stage Level/Rank: 186 Experience in ESEA/FaceIt (or others): 0 Position(s) you play: ADc
  7. Sorry accidentally put my overall hours in my application I actually have 253 hours on the server. Sorry
  8. ATTENTION: If the person you're looking to report is an Admin on the server, this is the wrong section. For the proper abuse report form, click HERE. Please use the form and fill out all of the required fields. Await verdict from the administrative team. Be ready to answer questions about the report. Any reports that are obviously satire will be given no attention. If you have any questions about this process or if something is worth reporting or not, please message me on the forums or Discord. Player Report Form: https://gflclan.com/forms/135-csgo-surf-timer-player-report-form/
  9. Good Afternoon Vence, After reading this... I love to hear what you have to say but.................. "my knowledge of rust cheats" 👀 Naw, I'm playing. I do really like to see what you have to offer our community as an admin, I also really do love all the effort you have put in your application and dedication to help others that are in our server. All of it just really warms my heart. I appreciate the fact that your more than willing to help Angie and I with our Rust homework :clown: lol I love the way you vibe with not only me but the rest of my staff. I just really love your personality. I also really admire all the time that you have put into our server, dedicating your hours into our 10x server-Especially how you take time out of your day to communicate with the rest of the staff and players in our Rust VC. It really shows how much of a true passion that you might have for us. That's exactly what I try and look for when hiring staff. I honestly think that you would be an awesome addition to the administration team on our GFL rust network. Your the reason that we keep applications open... to find more people like you. With that being said, You have my vote today, Vence. +1 Much love, -Blue ❤️
  10. I’ll give you my +1 right off the bat. You’re a really nice dude and you do a great job already as chatmod for the 10x. Having you as an admin would be a lot of help and you’d do great! Good luck! -GUTS
  11. ATTENTION: YOU CAN FIND INFORMATION ON YOUR BAN HERE Please use the form and fill out all the required fields. Await the verdict and be ready to answer questions from from the administrative team. If your appeal has been denied, please wait at least one month before making a new one. Ban appeals that read out like a joke will be given no attention. So, if you want to stay muted/banned then go right ahead. If you have any questions about this process, message me on the forums or Discord. IMPORTANT. Please do not give out any personal information. These appeals are open to the public eye. Ban Appeal Form: https://gflclan.com/forms/67-csgo-surf-timer-muteban-appeals/
  12. A big thank you to you, Frozen and Skittlez for fixing this common issue! With love, -Blue
  13. Hi, as I mentioned and showed you in private messages, the issue was that you knowingly abused an exploit in a map and took advantage of it. You're familiar with some of the admin team, you've even applied before. Most of them are not involved in zoning, but the head admins all have perms and are familiar with how it works. We expect people to report stuff like this so we can fix it, especially from regulars like yourself, but instead you beat it for the lulz and then also encouraged others to do judging by the screenshot below from a Discord server. This turns into a bunch of wasted time for myself and the head admins as for one, we had to go through this whole situation and your time also had to be cleared. We're currently in the process of adding hundreds of maps. We rely on people helping us test all of them, it's not as easy as you make it out to be to test them to their entirity ourselves, bonuses included. Our players finding bugs like this and reporting them is very important. Doing something like you did however effectively just makes our job much harder. I will shorten this ban to two days, meaning it'll be over in about 24 hours from now. Closed.
  14. Vence, thank you for applying, seeing you as an admin would be amazing. I trust you to make the right choices and jump on whenever need be, blue and i could use someone like you who could adapt to our system and you seem to be it! +1
  15. Steam Name(s): Vence SteamID: 76561198141000560 Age: 17 Hours Played: 187 on GFL and 1500 on Rust overall Why should you be accepted? I believe that I should be accepted as an admin on the 10x server because of the connection I have with the players on the server. Since becoming chatmod, talking in chat has become somewhat of an addiction. I found that I enjoyed helping and talking with other players more than actually playing the game. What better way to help the community than to catch cheaters? I have a deep connection with the players on the 10x which I believe is essential as the players have respect for me, meaning they will understand when I mute or ban someone. Since joining the GFL community I believe that I have helped make an impact on the rust community, encouraging friendly players to be friendlier, and discouraging toxic players from ruining everyone's fun. Becoming admin would also help take some of the load off Angie and Blue, as they are currently expected to administrate all 3 servers. What makes you better than the other applicants? I am better than the other applicants because I have a close connection with the community, and because of my knowledge on rust cheats. Although I have never personally cheated in rust, I enjoy researching how they work so I am better equipped to know if someone is cheating, or if they are simply better than me. I also frequently watch admin videos on YouTube, so I am familiar with the methods used to catch cheaters. I believe that my connections with the other admins and staff also raises me above the competition, I know how their system works and will be able to adapt to their administration style so that we can work at maximum efficiency. Are you familiar with being admin on Rust? Somewhat, on a very small rust server, maybe 10-15 pop
  16. I got up this morning to surf realizing that I was banned from GFL servers. I would like to start off by saying that I apologize for my behavior and exploiting a bonus that was not fully complete. I would also like to apologize to the community and leading them to wrong doing. I now realize how stupid this was (because I got banned for it). I'm very upset with myself for what I did. I'm hoping that this will make up for my behavior. I'm also just speechless right now as to happened as a result and I know this apology is very lackluster but, I'm doing this to the best of my ability. I do have some criticism that i would like to mention is that I was never warned about exploiting even while there were admins present in the server. My other problem is that why was the map released with a bonus that wasn't finished. I know it takes time to zone maps but is it really that hard to go back and double check the map that you zone or at least test it before releasing it. I'm sorry if this sounds like a "low-ball" but please do take this into consideration. If I do end up getting a second chance, I will first start of by go taking a solid look at the rules before I surf again because I haven't looked at them once until frenzy messaged me them and highlighted what I did wrong. Also if i do end up coming across something similar or that I don't think is fair. Rather than boasting about it and exploiting it, i will report it to an available admin ASAP and keep my mouth shut so that the problem can be fixed with out anymore harm being done. As uploading this to the forum I am feeling that a permanent ban is unjust and think a compromise should be given. However, this is not my decision and I will respect that. Once again I apologize for my behavior and decisions, I do ask that you take what I am saying into consideration. Surfing has been a part of my life and I love this server along with the community. Thanks for taking your time to read this, Plum
  17. Guts! Thank you so much for applying to show your dedication to the full GFL community, you being admin on vanilla will help blue and I greatly you definitely have my +1
  18. Steam Name(s): GUTS Steam ID: 76561198407145455 Age: 20 Play Time on the Server: 844 Why should you be accepted? I should be accepted because I can help moderate the vanilla server and take some of the work load from others. I think my reputation as a chatmod on the 10x is pretty good and I will spend 1-2 hours each day dedicated to vanilla. And when needed I’ll hop right on to help. If I’m selected I won’t let the team down. What makes you better than the other applicants? I’m better than the other applicants because I have a good relationship with all of the staff, and As a chatmod on the 10x I’m well versed on how things are operated behind the scenes. Please consider, because I would love admin experience if in sometime in the future I decide I’d like to apply for admin on the 10x. Are you familiar with being admin on Rust? Not as an Admin.
  19. lol.. nice edits on these posts man, just do what I said on your original application, hang around longer and learn what the role actually does and how our forums function.. you clearly don't understand right now and seemingly don't even want to learn, you just want the role. for what? imo, on your first application, you should've asked "what do i need to do to get you to vote +1" until that happens and you do what i ask, my vote remains as -1...
  20. Hey Vapz! I believe that you are perfect for the role of admin. I am going to give you a +1 .
  21. rawr plays this server all the time, and I am sure he would make a great admin, im just a chatmod but still +1
  22. i think you may have forgotten to put my name there its okay i forgive u !
  23. Also wanted to say thank you to the players who provided MTRs and trace routes to @Skittlez and @Frozen! It didn't take long to figure out the issue after discovering two users having the timeouts/packet loss when routing to the Dallas POP (the Dallas POP doesn't forward ICMP replies, so it easily allowed me to tell that it was the POP dropping the traffic itself).
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