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  2. Thank you Sneaky and everyone else for the feedback, I'll continue to play and look to possibly reapply in the future
  3. Guys, this profile is a pee head dont listen to them

  4. Wannabes aside... hi, I'm Pachimo, and welcome to GFL. Hope you have fun and make lots of new friends. Hit me up if you have any issues, questions or concerns. You should hop onto CWRP whenever you've the chance, it's ready soon!
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  6. I'm the baddest bitch around here keep that in mind.
  7. -1 Same reason with sneaky. I think this application was rushed. I also noticed you just started playing again when I queried your in-game stat yesterday and you only had 2 hours of playtime in the server. Like sneaky said reck up some playtime and get the feel of the server and reapply again. Also consider joining our discord and hang around the players as well. I believe your reasoning to joining our admin team is weak. Try to be creative but don't go too overboard with the reasoning. Good luck in the future!
  8. -1 We have the 100 hour minimum requirement for a reason. Familiarize yourself with the server, learn the maps, meet other players, become a regular. Disregard the omegalul reactions, the application itself is actually good. We just don't know anything about you at this time.
  9. I googled a list because I forgot most of them but these are my favorite The Grinch The Polar Express A Christmas Carol The Night Before Christmas Home Alone, Home Alone 2 Elf Santa Cause
  10. 13/12/19 - Purged (most) Masks in an attempt to fix reliable channel overflows - Added Crowbar accessory - Added Hands accessory
  11. EASY Die Hard Die Hard 2 - Die Harder Die Hard with a Vengeance (Don't lie to yourself you've heard the christmas jingle and jokes)
  12. You used the one I was going to mention, so I'll name another - "A Christmas Story".
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1qju6V1jLM
  14. When you log in on the forums and you see that no notifications 



  15. hiyo~ I joined from surf and everyone just was telling me to get on forums and introduce myself so o-o I’m here? Haha thank you nwn
  16. Die Hard is for sure my favorite Christmas movie.
  17. Hello Rod/Roy, Welcome to GFL community. I don't really know much about fishing but my parents do and my relatives. They all love fishing and I can never understand why. I hope you enjoy our 1v1 server and good luck on trying to get admin though. Also try out the other servers if you have time~
  18. If you're the only person they're forcing to test while typing the warnings, then it's directed towards you. If they said it to multiple other players at the same time, then asked the detective who they gave the other several warnings to. And each warning is spaced out, so I mean usually, it's at least 5 or 10 seconds each warning. I do force test multiple players but i usually type out the name of who i gave the warnings to: moo test w1 moo test w2 muse test w1 sad test w1 moo test w3 muse test w2 You get the jest of it, right? That's how I usually force test people or if someone is blocking and there's no where out, then I usually do that after 5 or 10 seconds each.
  19. Hello beary. Welcome to gfl. I hope you enjoy your stay. what server made you join us? Oh, feel free to apply for membership if you haven't done so: https://gflclan.com/memberapplication/
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