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  2. I enjoy your passion. I would like to believe I share that same passion for programming. I often give myself big projects to work on so I can get more experience with any languages I work with. As of right now, I am most interested in software development or GUI development. Mostly with C++, but I have been learning C and plan to learn other languages to expand my knowledge even further. I mean after learning a few new languages recently, I have already found it much easier to come up with creative ideas to fix a problem that comes up when I wrote code with C++. With that being said, my time hasn't been spent on a lot of scripting languages like sourcepawn and Lua. So I can't make a valid conclusion on your programming practices just from the code you provided. Of course that's nothing on you, I am just too much of a stubborn boi to make scripts instead of making software haha. However, that progress bar code does look clean, especially for something written in Lua. You organize the code in a way that is easy to follow and read. I also enjoy that you actually use local functions instead of cramming everything into a single drawn out function. It is very good practice to split your code out into multiple functions. Every function should serve 1 job, not multiple. It improves readability, and it makes it much easier to expand on the code later. And good god does it make bug fixing 10x easier. And that is not an exaggeration, either. For the time being, I am going to remain neutral until I find a time to contact you directly. Unless you can provide a discord tag of some sort, I'll likely contact you through this sites PM's. In the meantime, thanks for applying Cryotheum. Hope your day is going well!
  3. Here is a config I made, think it would be perfect for this server map is based on Yama which is a campaign workshop addon on L4D2, it got ported to gmod so I had to make it into a config L4D2 MUST BE MOUNTED, since it uses a lot of assets from the game, its up to the players if they have purchased the game or not the config covers the entire map for the chapter City in Yama, players start at the same spot as in the campaign There is more info of the config in the description of the addon below with over 20 screenshots and a raygun easteregg, this was very fun to make Im also gonna do the other chapters as well over time, idk this one took like 6 hours, most of the time was just spent putting invisible walls and death barriers to prevent cheating LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1928876921
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  5. Potato Water Clan 😸

  6. My Age: 25 My Talent: Hello! I'm a hobbyist programmer who enjoys and challenge of coding! I'd like to contribute in GFL and development team! I'm experienced in Sourcemod, Go, Python, MySQL, and C#. Projects that I worked so far 1.Public stuff Advance Fun Command - Made 4 years ago, it was requested by Kim. Root flag user can have fun time with this plugin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I'm planning to rework on the source code to fit 1.10/1.11 SM when I have time. Model Color Changer (MCC) - Worked with Ariistuujj (ex. GFL dev) to change a player model color. It was used by GFL ZE 3 ~ 4 years ago but it's now deprecated private forked/modified version is in the ZE server. Zombie Leader - Original plugin is from Anti-teal, I added feature requested by Snowy, Nominate leader can make a ring marker at aimed position with +Spawn/-Spawn in chat Secretary Discord Bot - I made bot using Red-Cog Python API while I was playing MMO-RPG call Albion Online. Essentially bot is able to track/query any Guild Silver deposit & withdrawal. It's not included in this repo but I was adding a feature where it hooks into Google doc & spreadsheet & calendar with Google API to announce any guild event and management stuff but guild went to 💥 before finishing it. Entwatch Port to CSGO - This is forked/modified version of old CS:S ZE team made. I also added a feature for glowing effect around the weapon when player drop a item has been drop. 2. Private stuff - NDA with Snowy server manager of ZE. If you wish to see the code let me know I I will invite those who want to see it. Bosshud - The original plugin is done by Anti-teal. I've added feature to display boss health bar and hp on CenterText. ZE is currently using slightly modified version to track only bosses and fixes for recent csgo update. CustomStat - My biggest & ambitious project ever worked on it this includes: SM Plugin - In-game tracking of human / zombie play time, infection count, and item pick up count. It also tracks number of boss killed, leader, and top defender. The data is stored in MySQL right now. Simple cronjob program for Golang - Get the SteamID64 from DB and queries into Steam web api to get profile name and Avatar URL and updates back to DB. Website: Currently working on the design of the leaderboard website. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a reply here or my discord Loco#9024 Thanks! Hours/Week: 10 ~ 15 hours. Activity depends on my real life job
  7. Name:MLG Chicken The 420th Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:54630322 Banned by:TheClassyBandit Ban reason:Mass Rdm Why you should be unbanned: Ive changed, I just wanna play the game, not mess with anyone. As I said before In my previous appeal (Apparently on the wrong section) I am aware that I probably will not be unbanned, since I had a permaban appealed previously, but I want to try anyway. Thanks for your time.
  8. That's the kind of video I was looking for! I'll be sure to to check it out, thanks for the suggestion!
  9. I am currently learning C right now, and I'm starting to understand what variables and data types are (just the basics). I think once I finish learning C, should I go to C++ or Java?
  10. I’m going to go ahead and move this over to TTT MC and tag @MilkMan and @SkydivingSquid. Your ban is over 2 years old, and the admin who banned you is no longer an admin. As Toxic said, the DarkRP server is currently in beta right now, so you wouldn’t be able to join the server anyway.
  11. Mappers So Far: @hotEvercLear @Switchback @Qahnaarin @Pasas1345 @Henry @Sn3kyP3akyleik (AKA Demon in Discord) @WildBanana
  12. Special thanks to GFL and the admin team for helping with this event. The goal is to attract new mappers, get some new fun maps, and help improve the quality of our mapping community through collaboration and discussion between mappers. Rules: Contest runs from now until January 31st. If you have a map that is less than 15% complete, you can use that as a starter. (if it takes 100 hours to finish, you should not have more than 15 hour of time spent for example. HONOR SYSTEM EVERYONE!!!). Maps must be uploaded to the server through the following form by 11:59pm CST (Central Time USA) 1/31/2020 here ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScJ4xNvQD6UMXC_OEpKEV5LwEM2pZzCNYK2FBgf0sWHAEne5g/viewform ). We will start doing some tests after January 31st, and any bugs can be fixed then and re-uploaded but no changes other than bug fixes to the map for it to still count in voting. Admins will have final say if a map passed the final test and will be added to the pool to be voted on. We will do a mini event of sorts to run through the maps for a final round of testing and then vote on the winner Mid-Late January. Prizes: 1. If your map is accepted, no matter what you will get mapper tag which comes with perks including: - Reserve Slot in the Server, similar to VIP/Donator - Access to special Skins in Server - Discord Mapper Tag - Cash Prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place 1st - $20 2nd - $10 3rd - $5 Tips: I would HIGHLY encourage anyone that wants to get into mapping to join #Mapping in discord. There are many very active Sr. Mappers who can help you with the more complicated stuff, and plenty of great/terrible ideas floating around in there all the time. Additionally, the Pinned messages are full of great guides and videos and links to get started. 2 Months is plenty of time to get a fun map put together, even if it is your first time. The hardest part is coming up with a good idea. If you put in the work and learn, #Mapping can make it a reality. Good Luck, Have Fun, Keep on Hammering!!!! I will make a 2nd post with a running list of everyone who wants to participate. I will give it another week to cut of registration, so please register by 12/14 if you want to participate. Note, if someone wants to make a banner, that would be pretty cool!
  13. Essentially, do what Rocket said. If you want to learn specifically just development for a Garry's Mod server (not necessarily Lua, though it is a big part), I personally started with this video series by JackkTutorials. This is a very easy way to learn the basics of running a Garry's Mod server, and even has a tutorial/tutorials on how to run a server on your own computer. It's easy to follow along with, and he made it specifically for learning the basics of it. You can kinda sift through the playlist to find what interests you/what you would make use of, as some of it is exclusive to certain gamemodes. P.S. His intro is super loud, watch your volume.
  14. per request, making a new post for this since it is actually official GFL Contest with cash prizes.
  15. Since you were banned on TTT MC 24/7, you should be appealing for that server. You can follow the instructions to do so here. This is because bans are global throughout all GFL servers, so you get banned on one, it carries out throughout all of the servers. Although the ban is active on all GFL servers, it was carried out because of your activity on a certain server (in this case being TTT MC 24/7), so the ban must be appealed there. You can find the details of your ban here. Also, DarkRP is in beta testing right now, so only people who have applied to be a beta tester for the server have access to it.
  16. Rl craft ptsd starts kicking in
  17. Well the fun thing about programming is the fact that there are many different areas you can choose from. There is software development, web development, scripting, OS development, etc. If you are wanting to learn how to program for Gmod, you will need to learn GLua. GLua is the same as Lua, except for a few small extensions and the Gmod library. And of course, Lua is a scripting language. The great thing about many scripting languages? They tend to be "high-level languages". In lamens, that means they have high level compilers. This actually makes it easier to learn the language, since the compiler does a lot more of the work for you. Unfortunately, you won't find very good GLua tutorials. A lot of the information is either outdated or false. You would have better luck having someone in the development team teach you the basics of GLua. That way you have a more hands on experience. Though, I do want to mention. If you are interested in learning other languages, I highly suggest starting with either C or Java. Those are incredibly good languages to learn programming, since they help you understand more about how programming works and some of the things that happen in the background of everything. Learning new languages often help me come up with more creative ways to solve a problem in any other languages I use. If you ever want to learn some stuff, I'm usually available. I won't be able to become a teacher for a few days though, I got hours of recording footage to edit. But when I'm done, I can most definitely help you out 😄
  18. made a map

    We going to need more than two flying buildings, there no space for players to walk around, Not all class will be playable on this map (Not everyone plays sniper), if you can add more feature to this then you have my attention. I also want to know if you do plan to work on this map, What game mode is it going to support? Payload? CTF? Control Points? is it for a trade server or another High tower/2Fort clone. I'm also going to need some updates on your progress. You going to have to make a post that will catch our attention because the "i made a map" is not going to work. If you still want to make it a sniper arena, I would suggest the following. More space Between the Building, there are little too close Add Another floor. being only on the edge just make it too crowed if we going to support up to 32 players (16 vs 16) Decorate it, We need more then a orange box
  19. no worries. honestly, if you come up with a creative idea, and hang out in #mapping in discord, you can make a fun map even if you are learning Hammer from scratch in 2 months if you can put in 5-10 hrs a week... and trust me, once you get into it you may even find yourself pulling a 10 he session right thought the night without even realizing it.
  20. In-game Name(s): MLG Chicken The 420th SteamID: STEAM_0:0:54630322 What was your punishment and why? Perma Ban. I apparently mass rdmd on a ttt server. I dont quite remember the specifics. Who issued your punishment? TheClassyBandit Why should your punishment be revoked? Ive changed. I just want to play the game and have fun. I am aware that I have a other perma ban which has been appealed before, and I dont expect to be appealed because of that, but i thought i would try anyway. It would be a welcome surprise though. Thanks for your time.
  21. I've been wanting to learn how to use code/script, but I have no idea where to start. I just want enough knowledge to learn how to successfully manage/run a server, fix problems, etc etc, but before I can do that, I want to learn the basics of Lua. To all the Server Managers and Division Leaders, how did you guys learn? I have never used code in my life and dont understand anything about it. If you guys have any videos/tutorials, please let me know! (Also, I dont know if this was the right forum to post this or not)
  22. I haven't been around long so didn't know that. 2 months seems fine then. 😊
  23. huh???? same account I have always had???? if you are wondering who these people are Dusty, come jump in #mapping and see all the new mappers talking about this. update to some rules, and also now we have cash prizes... see above.
  24. @Shabby Not how that works haha. Please wait until the announcement is made!
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