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  2. What kind of diss track ? Can't wait XD What about sagi ?
  3. Murder Changelog

    (US Only) New maps in addition to Clue: - gm_construct - ttt_mttresort - zs_antarctic_hospital - zs_lastmansion_v3 - zs_castle_keep_snowy - gm_lasertag_arena (None have loot, that will come soon) (US & UK) New features: - Hitmarkers (both gun and knife) - a simple FPS booster (should increase performance)
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  5. That argument gives people more intensive to inflate because they'll automatically get points for winning as a zombie. HLStats is for faggots and the vast majority of players don't care about it or even know it's on the server due to the commands being set to hidden by default. The main purpose of it is to keep track of player data and server statistics. HLStats is free and it would take 2 seconds to make a change to it but there's no need for it. The reason why most CS:S servers had it is because it was enabled by default and they probably never bothered to edit it. If you want to get anywhere near the top 50 you'll have to inflate every round with 20-60 days of playtime. Or you can get good like me and do it in 1/20th of the time. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. yea that was kinda a known for a long time. But it really mattered not that much outside of lazer situations. Well wot can ya do? No matter where the managers put the server, its gonna piss off some other lazerfags.
  7. Hi: I am unable to link my Steam account to my GFL forums account for an unknown reason. So what I tried is to link my Steam account through my account settings. I went to the “Steam” tab and I signed into my Steam account. When I signed in, the forums says “Your Steam account is already associated with another member.” (Screenshot below). So I tried checking if my Steam account was already linked, so I went to the “Overview” tab in my account settings. The Steam account is not linked. (Screenshot below) Just to make sure one last time, I decided to sign out, and try to sign in with my Steam account. When I signed into my Steam account into the forums, the forums tells me that I do not have a forums account linked, and that I need to type a display name for my forums account and an email account, as if I didn't have a Steam account linked to this account (Screenshot below). If a forum moderator could forcefully link my Steam account somehow, I would really appreciate it, because I find it easier to sign into the forums with my Steam account. Just in case someone needs it, here’s my Steam account details: Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:92946166 Community ID: 76561198146158060 Community URL: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198146158060/ Custom URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/James_Newman/ Thanks in advance, and have a great day. ~ James Newman
  8. This is the second part, I forgot to include it in the original post.
  9. Do you guys like nature? Do you like neat things? If you said yes to both then i've got the perfect thing for you. It's called Neature Walk and it's designed to show everyone how neat nature is instead of just me and Rodney knowing it.
  10. I really never saw the point to having a server side warmup enabled, typically we already consider the first round of a map "warmup" because not enough people will be human to win the round and it usually ends rather quickly. Having a server side warmup could also cause a double warmup sort of bug with some maps with inbuilt warmups that would occur if the servers warmup length is shorter than what the maps is. Since some maps inbuilt warmups won't progress the map to the first level unless it's done to completion.
  11. I'm telling you out of experience that most people just aren't going to care. Just because there is incentive doesn't mean people are going to go for it. For a server that has thousands of visitors, a good deal of them know that they don't have a chance at the top 100. And that's even under the assumption that they know about such a system in the first place. Before the top 25/50 thing on css, almost no one cared about the ranking system, probably because the same people proceeded to dominate it for the longest time, and only a few were close enough to even get near the top 10. After the change where points where refreshed monthly, people did care for a bit, and then they kinda stopped caring. Probably because the same problems persisted, just now on a monthly basis. The same people just generally took up the top spaces. And it probably wasn't because they were going for the rankings. It was just that they played zombie escape alot more often than other people. In order for others to catch up to them, alot of players will have to consider if they even had several hours to spare every day for zombie escape. In the end of it, you either play alot of zombie escape naturally, or you aren't willing to play several hours a day just to get in the top 100 some spots.
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  13. why make a plugin when you could just setup a freezetime? or an actual warmup cvar lol mp_do_warmup_peroid "1" mp_warmuptimer "inserttimehere" anyways a freezetimer would be the best approach in my eyes which would require me to experiment a little bit as it requires things like impulse 101 and a few other weird things :L anyways this is the command for a freezetime mp_freezetime "inserttimehere" how ever like I said idk if it is well reliable on it's own that is my main concern and why I would need to figure that out incase anyone wishes to know, as I have heard many issues from many people who have had problems implementing it on it's own. anyways I will update this if I have anything else to give you in terms of help ~ anything for the playerbase <3
  14. Its annoying to waste the first/second round cuz people are joining/downloading the map so make a warmup plugin please
  15. Make it so multiple people can drop at the same location? (if we are going to have a larger number of people than 16 then people would have to just drop on grass lol)
  16. laserfags who play with under 200 ping
  17. use them to increase your epenis size and brag about it
  18. frikin idiot lmao1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Current Bugs I've Found

    GFL Dev Application opens a new tab (Intentional?) When you go to the GFL tab and click 'Dev Application' it opens a new tab, however, when you click 'Media Team Application' it only redirects you. ( https://i.gyazo.com/8e2200aa06f5fafcd7e980fa162f92df.gif ) Clicking 'GFL' in the tab bar redirects to no permissions. Error code: 2T187/3 ( https://i.gyazo.com/7be303c32d5ac2d55d9ee40ebd131c4f.png ) The server stats page on HLStatsX It seems like it's tracking some stats but other things like player count aren't correct. I don't really know what is and what isn't working. ( https://stats.gflclan.com/hlstats.php ) Top Donor As you already mentioned. Streams I'm assuming the API hasn't been updated? Rules page A lot of these don't work: https://i.gyazo.com/b2650289722b8d7f8e13da0ef4ffd88e.png There are probably more but these are the most obvious ones.
  20. He does have a primary attack, so he can kill people to earn points, and he can escape.
  21. Yea inside my PC is well clean and everywhere else is a mess. it really is a game changer though anyways here is inside my PC and my closet iirc and I always like seeing inside other peoples PC's :L
  22. Just spent the better part of the past 7 hours cleaning my pc tower. For those who have done it, you know it's enough of a chore as it is. Negligence only makes it worse. Here are multiple pictures of my pc before I cleaned it, with the final one being the result I settled for. I could have done more, like unseat the power supply & get in there, but I just wanted it to end Cleaning your pc can save your valuable gaming components from overheating, and significantly extend the life of them. Unless you have a money tree, make the effort to never become a dirty old man like me.
  23. Good idea, but good luck finding an animation for the centipede. Plus i dont think detecting having a flashlight shining on someone works very well in gmod(look how buggy simply staring at someone is) and the gameplay seems kinda dull for the actual SCP.
  24. Honestly it means this SCP Is just "Dont shoot teammates during the one minute" Theres also the fact he has no way to obtain points for his own team, has no way to escape on his own, and doesnt actually do anything on his own.
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