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  2. 04/02/2020 ♦ Admin Updates: - New Trial Admin: @drink ♦ Map Updates: - Added awp_batson_dev - Added awp_blocks - Added awp_infinte_v2 - Added awp_rp94 - Added awp_sakura - Added lego_neon
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  6. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a big project I've been working hard on the last few days that will highly benefit GFL's Anycast network once fully completely. You can read the benefits of this program for GFL in this post. Description A program made to attach to the TC hook using the egress filter. This program makes it so any outgoing IPIP packets are sent directly back to the client instead of back through the IPIP tunnel. In cases where you don't need the end-application replies to go back through the forwarding server/IPIP tunnel, this is very useful and will result in less load on the forwarding server. With that said, in other cases it can result in less latency and more. Usage Usage is as follows: ./IPIPDirect_Loader <Interface> [<Interface IP>] You shouldn't need the second argument (Interface IP) since the program is supposed to get the interface's IP automatically. Example: ./IPIPDirect_Loader ens18 Installation Use the MAKE file to install the program. These commands should do: make make install You may also clean the installation by executing: make clean Systemd File A systemd file is located in the other/ directory and is installed via make install. You will need to edit the system file if you are using an interface other than ens18. You may enable the service by executing so it'll start on bootup: systemctl enable IPIPDirect You may start/stop/restart the service by executing: systemctl restart IPIPDirect # Restart service. systemctl stop IPIPDirect # Stop service. systemctl start IPIPDirect # Start service. Kernel Requirements Kernel >= 5.3 is required for this. Newer kernels add the BPF_ADJ_ROOM_MAC mode to the bpf_skb_adjust_room() function which is needed for this program to work correctly. Notes When compiling, you may need to copy /usr/src/linux-headers-xxx/include/uapi/linux/bpf.h to /usr/include/linux/bpf.h. For some reason, newer kernels don't have an up-to-date /usr/include/linux/bpf.h file. I'm unsure if this is intentional or a bug. However, I got the program to compile properly by copying that file. Credits @Roy - Creator. GitHub Link/Download Thank you!
  7. We need a rescue boat to save all of those drowning afks
  8. Update I am happy to announce that I've created a project that achieves what I've wanted! This project uses the TC egress hook/filter and searches for outgoing IPIP packets. Once an outgoing IPIP packet is found, it strips the outer IP header, changes the inner IP header's source address to the forwarding server (game server IPs in our case), recalculates all the header's checksums, and sends the packet to the upper layers. This results in the packet being sent back directly to the client instead of going back through the forwarding server (in our case, the game server's closest POP). I've been working very hard on this the last couple days and while I've ran into multiple headaches, I'm very happy I was able to get everything pretty much working. I still need to do more testing, specifically with TCP traffic, but so far everything is good! I tested this on my local environment and everything worked. I was able to play on the game server fine and there were no performance issues. The TC hook is pretty fast as well. Therefore, this program should achieve high performance. One thing I want to note is a newer kernel version is required to run this program on our game server machines. Therefore, once I get done testing everything and know for a fact that it'll run well, I will need to schedule maintenance for each game server machine and upgrade the kernel. Advantages To Running This Program Here are the benefits to running this program on our game server machines: Less load on our POP servers since all the game server traffic won't be routed to the server's closest POP server on our network. Less latency since packets won't be routed back through the closest POP. Instead, they'll be directly sent back to the client. Our game servers have good routing. So I'm not concerned there. Eliminates a single-point-of-failure. Due to less load on our POP servers, performance should be increased a ton and the lag issues we've been experiencing in NYC should come to an end. Since all game server traffic won't be going through the closest POP, we won't need a beefy POP server in each locations our game servers reside in. Less overage fees (this is a killer for us right now and costing us $300 - $400/m). There aren't really any cons if this program works properly and TC does a good job at modifying the packets. I've released the project here on GitHub. Once I have another update, I will let you all know. Thank you!
  9. Greetings all, as most of you have noticed, i gave up my staff position here at GFL, unfortunately, all kinds of life events caught up to me and put alot of stress and burdens on top of me, i wanna thank everyone here at GFL for accepting me as their own and welcoming me to the staff team with open arms, i wanna thank @MilkMan for the gracious opportunity to be an admin here, everyone ive met was truly awesome, and while i havent been around, i can say GFL holds a special place in my heart, not only did i share an interest in TTT like we all did, but i made plenty of friends along the way, some of which i was proud to call colleagues, maybe one day i’ll come back and join the staff team again, but until then, i wanna say thank you and i hope everyone enjoys the community the same way i did, oh, one last thing, i am the best with the deagle, that is the one thing i wont leave behind 😉
  10. Somebody asked her "is your kid black?", to which you responded "nah, she isn't a Coal burner". You know what it means, You've had 7 mutes in the past month alone and this is your 30th mute in all. You should really consider yourself lucky I only gave you 1 day and not a perm since you don't seem to care to follow the rules of the server at all.
  11. Steam Name(s): unbalanced, sissy slut, choke me pls, honk honk SteamID: STEAM_0:0:90316693 Admin that banned you: Spaced What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): 1 Day mute Why should you be unmuted ? saying that a girl is not a coal burner is not racist at all. thanks
  12. Just resent an application.
  13. Member Status

    Hello! You could try submitting your member application again and see if that works. Or check on another gfl servers to make sure if it's not only ttt mc that you don't have membership.
  14. Member Status

    Hello All! I finally came back from MAC gaming built my first PC! I was a member back in 2015 for about an year and half playing regularly but couldnt once I got a Macbook Pro. I only play TTT 24/7 Minecraft on Gmod, but i dont see that I am a member and cannot use the member shop in game. Any one know how to fix that or give me member status again?
  15. my bad i wasnt trying to be dishonest, its just been a little i was vacced on that account for injecting a hvh cheat during a mm game. that account was non prime and i most likely had more then just a rank changer on. the hvh cheat was detected at the time and thats how i got vacced. the rank changer was how i got banned off your server.
  16. HL2RP was similar to this in some ways but we had more to do than just work. Same with the CPs who kinda act as of the Nazis in this scenario. I was thinking of Military Serious RP and we had this planned a long time ago but arguments and different ideas raise and it just never got done. So for me personally Military Serious RP is not the way to go. Especially because of the structure of it. To be honest in my opinion I don't see Dark RP working out. It's basically the purge server we had but without the actual purge in it. And we all seen how that went. I kinda doubt that even if we get a Serious RP server while also having a Dark RP server it'll cause a divide in population because both two are tremendously different when it comes to RP.
  17. Wanderers v4 is very easy, at least in comparison to v6, I think people don't play it for the same reason no one plays temple ancient, it's not as good as the other ff maps in general.
  18. +1 Been seeing you on a lot more lately, and I think we need more admins in general, I still don't know you as well as I would like to, but I'd love to see you as an admin, and we need more admins in general.
  19. HnS could always use you, we got good players and good admins so if you want to, come on down Welcome to GFL
  20. Its not heart attack city I named it Anita jackoff plus that’s why both of the maps are good for mbs
  21. Selvage: The map is decent sized but there isn't many spots besides hiding in a room. There is only one parkour spot on the map. It seems alright. The map is better because it is dark. Head Attack City:The map is massive and is too open. It does have plenty of spots, but it is near impossible for seekers to catch anybody because all you have to do is run to the opposite edge of the map. The map is too unfair in my opinion.
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