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  2. +1 to Der Mono though, he shared all of those guns with everyone. I promise not to raid you in the future.
  3. @hey can u ban a DDG Chaos for killing me i was mtf and he too

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  5. Negative I have stolen the winner position
  6. After a Fairly Some-what Lengthy talk With Pancake and another Admin for a fresh set of Eyes, Here's the deal. Your Ban time will be Reduced to One-week, And any other Ban will Result in a final Perma. And with all Hacking bans, You'll be Demoted. Sincrely, Senior Admin Davoony.
  7. I did actually base it on that xd. Didn't think anyone would even recognize it.
  8. Gonna go ahead and leave this up with @MooTheCow and @JadedJade
  9. It got so boring not dying that I ended up logging off xd
  10. Purge Changelog

    Changed: Changed out "new" admin system with the old one. Updated the commands (should make sits much more comfortable for admins). Fixed: LSD (likely still needs to be balanced).
  11. allready did that, exept with 100 shipments of every gun. we crashed the server.
  12. Sir. You're not allowed to comment here lol. Sorry but gotta keep it clear of extra. I saw the video and I'm too inactive to care about the situation and/or make a huge deal about it. My thing is if it's honestly a mistake waiting to be fixed like you said then OK cool we can take the steps to come to a final verdict on the situation. But I'm gonna say this just because you know this team is a family and we all usually back each other up at the end of the day. If you were cheating just come clean and get ot over with. You don't have to do it here on this thread. Pm milk if you want, lying only makes it worse and milk is pretty understanding about most situations that he might even reduce your ban from permanent to just a few months. You were inactive as it was so that time will fly by. Just think about it. That's all I have to say.
  13. “anti-recoil”?

    Honestly like wiggles said I'm not reading through the entire thing but from the video you're clearly hacking. Maybe you were pissed at the community or maybe you were just curious whatever it were don't you think it'd have been better for you to have just come clean instead of denying it? It'll definitely go better if you come clean my dude.
  14. “anti-recoil”?

    I did not say I got better through practice I said I got better with experience and time and it is implied that I spent my early years of TTT with players who took the game too a near-serious manner. That’s all I have to say about your response and thank you for responding.
  15. I'm not gonna read that word for word but I'm doing to tell you NY opinion on this: You say you got better through practice even though most of your admin ship you've been inactive, playing other games. As someone with almost twice your playtime, and using the Aug as one of mains, that video is substantial proof of a recoil hack You're a good guy but even the way you're acting is evident in your conscious. Sorry man but I believe what I see, not what I'm hearing
  16. “anti-recoil”?

    Gaxy STEAM_0:0:101174495 @Pancake Jenkins Banned me I was banned for Hacking (Specifically anti-recoil) Here is the proof used to ban me: This is gonna be long: OK so first of all I am offended by the TTT Staff’s judgement, particularly anyone active and discussing and approving my ban about an hour ago. I believe that this video wasnt dissected enough to completely come to the conclusion that this is proof of anti-recoil. Now, if any Admin IS TOO BELIEVE that this is hacking, that is your opinion and I respect it. As the person banned I’m obviously going to say “Guys I wasn’t hacking I wasn’t hacking!” I was not hacking as I have never before in my life,and I do not have expectations that you will take my word for this because it is hard for a defendant to defend himself with his own opinion. Instead I am going to tell you facts. I believe that if someone wants to become a better player (or better anything) they practice. I ALSO believe that if someone enjoys a game they will put in the hours. I have never had the driving intention to become a professional gMod player because to be honest that’s really stupid. Now, on the other hand, I have always enjoyed playing gMod, distinctly TTT. Here is a fact: GFL is not my first video game Community to be a part of. JCraft, an older server, is where my origins began. On this server I think I began playing in 2014, 2 years after my 10th birthday in which my parents bought me what considered a “gaming computer,” aka a MacBook. For ALMOST 3 YEARS I got my ass whooped on that TTT server, and during those almost 3 years I got the honor of playing with Timpermint, who we all thought was hacking but was just actually a pure p.o.s. who was basically beyond a hacker. Wait, what, someone being accused of hacking due to their absurd skill? I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before. Anyways, back on track, Timpermint is also very good at not only ttt, but also a phenomenal at PUBG and CSGO. He was good at video games. He carried my ass in a PUBG my ass with amazing recoil control and game sense. I asked him “Holy shit Timp how tf are you so good” and his response was “I learn dumbass just keep playing that’s how you get good.” Along with many other great TTT players such as Blood Wolf, CrowRockX, WarLordFire, and tens of more people’s name who I can’t remember, my “dumbass” played for 2 years on a MacBook Pro with nothing but a pullout mouse pad that was 6in by 7in made of plastic, a M325 Logitech mouse which has 3 buttons, one of which is the scroll wheel (M3), and a KrakenChroma 7.1 headset, and I still use the same model mouse and headset because that’s what I became accustomed to. I played in the morning, late at night, on vacation because I could pack all that crap into a backpack, after school, and maybe I lost interest for a month or 2- but guess what. I played, and learned, and sooner or later I gained a bit of reputation for being a decent player on the server. Eventually I applied for helper (trial admin) in April of 2017. Why? Not because I wanted to, because a few admins said I should, and I did. I got accepted with an anymynous vote and then later I got promoted to full admin in early June. Then you know what happened in June? I got a job that payed $10 and hour and I manifested $700 by waking up at 7:30 and working from 8-5 for 3 weeks juggling with soccer tryouts. With the money I bought a new and better computer, actually a DELL model in testing. My Mac is a toaster compared to the beast I use now, and you know what came along with my new computer? My mf Time and dedication I put into TTT and with the new computer, wel I just felt like a bitch for playing TTT now. The 1080 GTX and new 144 hz monitor basically made me an absolute savage on ttt. It was actually unfair to other players and I don’t knkw if you heard this before, but, here it goes: I began to receive the occasional “Is Gaxy hacking?” Wait, so, now we are going to call the person who put in over 2 weeks worth of hours into a TTT server a hacker? I’ll have you be the judge of whether or not you think this is CORRECT, not justified, but CORRECT. I did not get reported once for hacking. The server closed in August of 2017 and to be honest my online life was in a bit of a void now that my main hub for online friends had been dismantled due to the glorious 4-Year prosperity of JCraft, making new online friends in which I am still in contact with today. What now. I went to GFL: as server I thought sucked because ClassyBandit didn’t fully check reports befor banning me for mass. I was mad, and I yelled at wiggles. “Just wait until I’m an Admin” I told him in the Help Desk chat. I got admin months later obviously, and I was supported by TheSadBandit. By next summer I was trial and I loved this server. I love the community, the giant website they have, and most importantly, the TTT server, mainly because I dominated with my experience. I still got the occasional “Are you hacking.” Becoming an admin so I could assume power and get away with hacking? No no no. I became an Admin to better the server and become an embarrassing watermark and representative of the GFL Staff. I became an Admin to ban the hackers, not be one. I want to finish off this report by saying that I do not resent this community and I am still in positive opinion of GFL despite my ban. This server has only done me wrong once and that was on August 17 when I was accidentally banned for supposed “mass.” Now I am banned for supposed “anti-recoil.” Did I hack? Does hacking suit me? Is that what you really believe? If you said yes, then fine, so be it. I am not going to oppose the Admin’s word. As wiggles once said, “Admin rule is final,” but I believe that it the ttt experience and true passion for this server is to be exposed. I hope this changes current positions on my ban. I love this server. I hate hackers. I made this entire appeal with my iPhone I don’t deserve a second chance, because it’s not a second chance; it’s a mistake waiting to be fixed.
  17. Me and my friends kept buying shipments and guns that we didn't need from a specific BMD, and eventually we just bought 1 shipment of everything. These were the results. (Note: He wasn't basing with us, we would PM him and he would come to our base and sell us what we need.)
  18. Oh no. The Serpent's Hand are raiding the Facility. Make sure the Serpent's Hand doesn't breach any SCPs. Ingame Mechanics Half of the players spawn as TRO Guards and the other half spawns as Serpent's Hand. There will be special TRO Guards such as the TRO Pyro and there will be a commander. All of the playable SCP's rooms take a level 5 Keycard to open. If a Serpent's Hand get's inside of one of the SCP rooms, they have successfully breached an SCP. The Serpent's Hand can breach multiple SCPs. Random Spectators are chosen to spawn as the breached SCP. Example: Serpent's Hand enters SCP-173's room. A random spectator is chosen to spawn as SCP-173. All of the SCPs will spawn in their normal spawns. All of the breached SCP's health is lower. (900 Health for every breached SCP except for 682, 106 and 610.) (1300 for SCP-682 and SCP-106 and SCP-610) The time is the same as a normal round. Serpent's Hand Member Stats: Health: 115 (Since their vests don't actually work.) Movement Speed: Normal Human Speed. (Can walk and Run) Team: SCP Objects Spawn: Random NTF Spawns Spawning Items: Gun: A Random SMG Melee weapon: Stunstick Radio: No. (People in the SCP team have their own non-existent radio that works like a normal radio but for the SCP Team only.) Keycard: O5 Healing Item: Random Serpent's Hand Members will have a First Aid Kit. If any items aren't included that means they don't have it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TRO Guard Stats: Health: 100 Movement Speed: Human Speed. (Can walk and Run.) Team: MTF Guards Spawn: TRO Guards Spawn Spawning Items: Gun: A Random SMG Melee Weapon: Stunstick Radio: Yes. Keycard: 4 Healing item: No. If any other items aren't included that means they don't have it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Goals: MTF Guards: Defend as many SCP spawns as possible and kill all of the Serpent's Hand. Serpent's Hand: Breach as many SCPs as possible and kill all of the MTF Guards SCPs: Kill any MTF Guards in sight and escape.
  19. Hey I was a nice CP Xy, I gave you a soda.
  20. Steam account linking glitch

    @James Newman Did you try the above comment?
  21. If we remove challenge spots, then we need to add maps more oriented on Hiding. I have another proposition for the problem of large maps (as noted by @BrotherWolf) and that's to have more than 1 starting seeker. I find the lack of genuine hiding spots disappointing. Ivorytower is one of my favorites due to a large number of actual hiding spots combined with a few challenge spots. More maps like this would combat new players feeling like they can't compete with regulars.
  22. thank god im an atheist 

  23. Zero was best Mayor, 2019, bar none.
  24. Perma gag appeal

    STEAM_0:1:55612480 this is your steamid btw
  25. unbanned. next time follow the appeal guide though ❤️
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