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Writer Application Form





Application Requirements:

   - High effort levels within your question responses. Elaborate more on your statements, we love to see dedication!

   - If you are unable to provide us examples of your work, we would hope that you would be wiling to type up a quick story, or something along that matter. We want to see your potential!


A Writer's Expectancies:

   - Be nothing but a positive influence towards the other members in the community. Absolutely no toxicity or anger releasing on anyone, regardless of the circumstance.

   - Be more than willing to fulfill your responsibilities.

   - I expect you to be willing to participate in any writing requested that may be pitched our way if needed.

   - Be interactive with your own writing discussion channels & on the forums.

   - Be completely professional, leave all drama-related issues apart from our society.

   - You are not to bring any sort of bias intentions into our community, especially when responding on future applications !


What can we provide you?:

   - An amazing experience that can and may give you informational lessons that can be used in today's society. 

   - An opportunity for you to get better at any English skill, whether it be grammar or to build a higher vocabulary understanding.

   - An of course, our amazing Writer's badge on the forums, Writer's role in the Main GFL Discord, and etc.


Keep in mind that it can take up to a few days to fully conclude if your application was accepted or denied. Thanks for showing interest! 




  • Includes GFL Forums and GFL Official Discord.

  • No more than a paragraph please.

  • Any of your writing work. Can be school related.

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