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This one might be interesting.




Jim Jones Jr. (step son) and his son (reference).  Wonderful speaker and hosted/facilitated this memorial.  The air quality was very poor in California at the time due to fires, which is why I have the respirator nearby.


I had known about the mass murder-suicide and there are a lot of references to it in modern films or shows (large group of people drinking poisoned punch), but I didn't know it had any effect on my family aside from them seeing it on the news while they were young or seeing a documentary on it.  Apparently:  My mother knew someone who did not make it, and their father - also didn't make it - had a pronounced role in that event.  We went to the memorial and it was very interesting.

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Happy New Year! Big big year for me.


1. In exactly one month, I leave for my Ireland trip! I am there for a week, singing at random cathedrals and attending a tin flute workshop


2. Graduation! May 23rd, I'm done with high school for good (until I go back to teach at a high school haha).


3. COLLEGE!! I'm going to a certain college that's close to my house, and I'm getting a full ride! Heck ya!


4. 18th Birthday! September 7th I turn 18! Heck ya again!


Alright, thanks for reading! *The picture is from the "Final Tear Down" from my christmas concert for choir; I'm the one with the kid on his shoulders*

final tear down.jpg

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What a cool hangout and place to live.  Is that Catan?


Finally donated.


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21 minutes ago, Bae said:


I'm chinky 🦄

love of my life. i'll buy you a laptop. 

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