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Serverslayer meme aside, (Which I find cute, and hilarious. Read forward.) I'd like to call to light only 3 major changes were made after I resigned, only thanks to Roy's intervention. (Which, is a resource I didn't have at the time.)
The map chooser plugin, which, even though having it configured properly, was still broken.
The sv_tags, which was probably the main reason the server traffic slowed down. This was something that Dubstep did back when he was still around, and I never realized the server's tags were cleared. I wasn't aware they were ever cleared since I never touched them.
And the spawn protect plugin, which, was still in a fully functional state, but now we have Roy's original plugin that we had from before. Something I'd have wanted back in the first place, but we didn't have it available originally, so we made due with the best one we could find. Didn't really think twice about it.
Other than those 3 things, the server was left in an altogether complete state.
I cleaned up every single error in the error logs, and I got rid of all of Dub's old files. Everything that was there after Dub was exiled was my own handiwork. I cleaned up and finished what we had, 'tis all.

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