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[Server Update] *NEW* CS:GO TTT Server!

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Welcome, everyone! This is a pleasure for me to announce that we have a new TTT server for CSGO. This has been a long time coming and should have been back up awhile ago. We  have a couple perks here and there, feel free to join the server and check it out.


I want to thank everyone that came on during the beta, and everyone that have given me this opportunity to make this server.


Come join us on CSGO, the IP is:

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14 hours ago, CreepersHollow said:

Is the TTT server on CSGO like TTT on Gmod?

Like sweg says, its somewhat the same. The ticks and stuff may be a bit different. Gmod has like an aimbot thing :P ez killing. But csgo is like a bit harder to kill players, unless you're good at csgo. Different items, different perks.

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