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Hey, I am currently working on a Surf Map and basically I am having a problem here in choosing a jail for the map based on other maps, but for sure I will modify it and make it more fun in the surf levels itself, 


Should I put this jail and modify it





or this (from surf aim akcolt dert)



I won't just copy the maps' jail and make it look like a rip-off, I will heavily modify one of them and add them as the surfs' jail, I will make it look better and more fun ;P


I will choose one in 24 hours or when a first one gets 15 votes.


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First one looks more interesting

Second one looks like we're going to some bland war/battle field.

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Alright, thanks :)

I knew the first one would be a suitable choice for my map.


Anyways, to the people wondering how the new texture on the brushes looks like... I've added TopHattWaffle's "Real Life Textures" so you won't get a feeling like it's a shitty 2008 map with shitty texture graphics. I will continue also doing more stuff tomorrow regarding the current jail and also starting the surf map itself with a decided CLOSED Map and not open since its hard asf



 (In the left slides it shows that everything is white due to the brightness but I will reduce it, no worries :) )

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