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Nintendo Switch (Should I get it or not)

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I know there was a post made awhile back talking about the Nintendo Switch, now that it has been out of a bit should I get one? I know that people have the common idea that they are broken. The idea of me getting a switch is to get the exclusive content; I would get Zelda, Mario, 1-2 Switch, and a few more. With the idea of advancement and the release of open support to other games and developers, should I get a Switch?

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If you have to ask others if YOU should get one then no. You shouldn't get one.

You either get it or not. Buy it. Play it. And if you don't like it give it back.


There's only one subjective opinion about the switch that is always true and that is that 1-2 Switch is a huge waste of money for a small grain of content.

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Buy it. Here's why:


Assuming you like the games that are coming out and have no other way to play them, it's worth the money. If you already have a Wii U you should get Zelda for that instead.


The Switch will most likely not drop in price for at least a couple of years and face it, you'll most likely buy it anyway. 


Plus, ARMS has some thicc characters and that's what really matters. 

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