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My Age: 16


My Talent: 


First of all, I'm shit at writing apps.


I can code in Lua, python, c# pretty well and dabble at any other language with the help of google

I do a lot of Garry's mod server setup and addon diagnostics and in my spare time, I like to find exploits and make cheats to try and understand how games are made and how they can be deconstructed and be broken.

I've been playing around with the unity engine when I've been doing my work experience at a VR games company near me and I've made some little platformers and have gained a better knowledge of game development and improved my coding skills.

I've created and have been dev of quite a lot of servers within Garry's mod and a few in games such as TF2 and Cs: go

I would say I have quite a bit of experience with server administration, development.

I'm currently taking Computer Science in School where I'm learning a lot about coding, how a server works in detail, different protocols and how they work and how to reverse engineer things to gain a better understanding of how they work


I don't really have much to include for previous work so I will include a somewhat-finished game I made a game, taking the piss out of my friend for having a small, yellow penis that looked like a carrot in about 30 mins just for a laugh. Its coded in C# and its pretty shit but I don't know what else to put in xD




I've been working on this game with a local game studio working out the bugs and exploits http://store.steampowered.com/app/501350/Dimension_Hunter/ and have gained experience doing so


Hours/Week: Could change with new school times but somewhere from about 15-20 hours

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I am terribly sorry for the slow response time on your application.


Are you still interested in becoming a developer at GFL?

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