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{Change 1 Letter}

I know that almost all of you, or maybe all of you, rather already knows the mechanics or how to play this game, right ? You just have to change 1 letter from the previous word that is posted to create a new word; make sure that the word you're going to post is a REAL WORD, not a made-up one. 

So here's an EXAMPLE:

Player #1: Bull

Player #2: Ball

Player #3: Tall

You'll just choose 1 letter that you're going to change to make a new word. Simple yet fun :) Hope you guys have fun playing ヾ(^∇^).

Also, words must only contain 4 LETTERS !

New Rule and Only Rule: No slangs or made-up words. You can use any languages.

Please don't post OTHER THINGS in this thread, since this thread is solely for a game only. It would be disturbing and irritating. So I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. 

I'll start first: Kill

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I hate you @Syntax you made this harder than it needs to be...



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syntax commented before me by a second. I have no idea what to put..
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