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[Squad] Policies & Rules

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Server's Rules:

- Intentional TeamKilling is forbidden. 

- Squad Leaders are required to have a microphone or will be kicked.

- No spamming, trolling, or abuse in voice/text chat.

- All APC are to be manned by at least 2 players.

- We do not allow 1 man locked squads. 

- Fight over middle flag until 20 vs 20.

- Apologize for TK in "All" Chat!

*Ban Lengths will ultimately be under the discretion of the Admin who administered the ban.*



Staff Policies:

- All Admins (no exceptions) must join our Official Discord

- Admins must follow the Kick and Ban Format described in the Basic Admin Commands.

- All Admins MUST adhere to the Official Squad Guidelines.

- Always Respect other Staff members and higher ups.

- Admins MUST be active 3 days per week.

- Always notify Server Managers when you Issue a Perm Ban.


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