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My Age: 19


My Talent: 

Hello! Some of you may already know me, (If there are any veteran GFL members). I'm currently at college, studying 2 careers, both related to programming and computer science. 


I'm still learning, but I think I could be at least of some use. I've taken some courses, but I am still fairly new to programming. However, I've done some courses on Pentesting, Cryptography, and that kind of stuff. So that may be helpful for the community by trying to search for vulnerabilities by using SQL Injection, looking for flaws in the page source code, etc.



Languages I know/I am learning:



Python (Signed up for courses, looking to get the PCAP Certification)

C# (Took a course from Microsoft)






Languages I'll start soon:








Languages willing to learn:


Any, as long as they are useful related to any field of my careers.


I usually try to keep my code neat and readable. When it is all over the place, it is usually commented, describing what I'm doing.

I don't know Git because I haven't gotten into code that far, but I can learn how to do it.


*NOTE* At first I may not be able to code super useful stuff, but I'm willing to learn and help the community. (The most efficient way for a programmer to get better is to code and work with/learn from other people.) Thank you for reading this app!


Hours/Week: Not totally sure, but at least one or two hours.

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6 hours ago, ZombieSurvivalist said:

Do you have any proof of work for your selected Coding languages.

IDK, I'd have to check my external devices to see if there's anything left (I got a new laptop) But if there is, I'll try to link it. (but it would be like  really old stuff from when I started coding so... don't laugh at it. And I only coded on Python and C#... I haven't coded in HTML because I didn't need to...but I know how it works ) I just started Gambas and I know SQL from pentesting on my own virtual machines.

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Update: Sorry, I have been very busy this week and I haven't been able to search my devices. However, I found a very old code I made for a simple calculator. Here it is:


def add(a, b):
    return a + b 
def subtract(a, b):
    return a - b
def multiply(a, b):
    return a * b
def divide(a, b):
    return a / b
import os

while True:

    print("Select the type of operation:")      
    print("1) Add")
    print("2) Subtract")
    print("3) Multiply")
    print("4) Divide")
    print("5) Quit")

    choice = input()
    if choice == "5":

    num1 = int(input("Type the first number: "))
    num2 = int(input("Type the second number: "))
    if choice == "1":
        print(num1, "+", num2, "=", add(num1, num2))
    elif choice == "2":
       print(num1, "-", num2, "=", subtract(num1, num2))

    elif choice == "3":
        print(num1, "*", num2, "=", multiply(num1, num2))

    elif choice == "4":
        print(num1, "/", num2, "=", divide(num1, num2))

        print("Invalid input!")

    print("Do you want to do another operation?")
    print("1) Yes")
    print("2) No")

    choice2 = input()

    if choice2 == "2":
        print("Thank you for using this calculator!")

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Hey, @jarm323.


I apologize for the long wait on this application. Are you still interested in becoming a developer? If so, have your talents or anything else in your original application changed since you applied?

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I'll deny this application due to it being so old. I apologize for the slow process @jarm323! If you still wish to be part of the development team, then you are more than welcome to submit a new application.

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